Get Involved

You are invited to be a part of Sunburst! Immerse yourself in spiritual camaraderie at Sunday meditations, music gatherings, retreats, and events.

Do you feel the call to support this effort? Contact us to inquire about volunteering opportunities. You may feel inspired to:

  • Join a Sunday brunch team;
  • Help with the children and youth program;
  • Volunteer for chores that help maintain the Sanctuary grounds;
  • Join in group projects to sustain and improve the community garden, grounds and facilities.

Do you wish to experience living in cooperative community? Opportunities are available through our karma yoga service exchange program. During this program, you live, work and meditate with the community for up to two weeks. Duties may include helping in the community garden, cooking, housekeeping and more. Please contact us to apply.

Another way to get involved is through giving financially. All donations are most gratefully received, and go directly to support the outreach of Sunburst (see Narrative Budget for more details). Your generosity can be a powerful act of thankfulness, returning energy to the place from which you receive spiritual nourishment and support.

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