Sunburst’s global community of practice reaches out to people from all walks of life who are inspired by the teachings of Self-realization and Kriya Yoga. We welcome you to participate and experience a deeper sense of spiritual connection and purpose.

Immerse yourself in the blessings of spiritual camaraderie. Keep connected through workshops, retreats, Kriya initiations, our Facebook page, phone, or email correspondence, and sign up for our monthly newsletter. You may wish to deepen your practice and connection by participating in a live-in program such as Karma Yoga or Living with Spirit; see the Upcoming page for details.

“Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I AM.” This timeless truth can be readily felt and known as you sit to meditate with one another. If you are inspired to begin a meditation circle in your neighborhood, Sunburst is here to support and empower your efforts. Even if it is you and one friend, you will feel the benefits. You may also find it helpful to do your spiritual practice at times when group meditations are happening at the Sanctuary, 6 am to 7 pm daily.

Sunburst’s community is here to be a supportive spiritual family that provides you all with encouragement and time-tested tools to help you sustain your practice and deepen your experience of Spirit.

Sunburst’s founder Norman Paulsen speaks about building community:

Check out more videos on our YouTube channel.

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