What participants are saying…

“I just wanted to thank you all so much for a life changing experience. You made us feel part of your wonderful family…”

“I love my Sunburst family, new friends and look forward to so much more! The teachings, gatherings, yoga. . . Ah! The best!”

“The way all of you taught us about the different meditation techniques was exceptionally wonderful in so many ways. Hearing about the techniques from different people was so helpful, giving a broader and deeper perspective, thus making them more easy to grasp. All of you are excellent speakers and teachers and I love how you all stay in presence (oneness) when you speak. It is so powerful. The handouts are great and easy to understand.” 

“What a wonderful group of people to learn from! What profound meditations to experience. . . An astoundingly satisfying spiritual adventure. Thank you, Norm. Thank you, Yogananda. Thank you, friends.”

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