Kriya Yoga Initiation

Paramahansa Yogananda called Kriya Yoga the “highway to God” which strengthens whichever spiritual path you are inspired to follow. This ancient science of advanced pranayama calms and purifies the heart and mind. It opens up the eye of soul, the spiritual eye that can perceive the light and bliss of Spirit.

In Kriya Yoga, breath and life force are consciously redirected and revitalized by circulating them up and down through the spine. As you practice daily you will watch your life change as the quickening of evolution takes place. All the cells of your body will become magnetized with light, creating ecstasy and joy beyond description.

God is ecstasy! One touch, one taste, and you will never find anything greater. Yes, the light that shines behind the darkness will come blazing in your consciousness, filling you with the greatest love you could ever conceive of. You will be transformed by it, and begin to be a true caretaker of Earth and all life.

At Sunburst’s Kriya Yoga Retreats, participants are guided through the foundations of meditation and the life practice of Self-realization. Yoga and pranayama classes, spiritual fellowship, nourishing meals, and quiet time are provided to support the transformative Kriya initiation.

Whether you are just learning Kriya, or are a seasoned practitioner, you are invited to empower and deepen your spiritual journey. Visit the Upcoming page for the schedule of retreats.

What fantastic thing to discover, this pure consciousness which awaits to be awakened within each one of us!
– Norman Paulsen

Sunburst’s founder Norman Paulsen speaks of his teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda:

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