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Life Love God, Story of A Soul Traveler by Norman Paulsen

Soft cover, $12.50

ISBN #0-941848-09-4

In this heartfelt autobiography, Norman Paulsen, direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, reveals the message that everyone has the potential to experience God, and satisfy the deepest longings of their soul. He shares many personal and transforming experiences, received both through meditation and by grace.

Enjoy the childhood stories that awakened his imagination and inspired his quest for God at an early age. Relive the years in the monastery with the great yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda. Experience the ups and downs of Norman’s life journey that led to the founding and building of Sunburst Community.

“This book is a clarion call to all spiritual seekers to get busy and achieve enlightenment in this life.” – Herman Granz




Creating Heaven on Earth recorded live by Norman Paulsen

Audio CD, $14.00

Enjoy the inspirational songs of Sunburst, and feel the energy conveyed through the words of a God-realized teacher. This Sunday Fellowship meditation fills us with the message that we can awaken the inner Sun, the light of consciousness within our souls, and know God. We can feel God’swill work through us to help others, and know the happiness that comes from it. Yes, we can create heaven on earth again!



The Pearl of Great Price recorded live by Norman Paulsen

Audio CD, $14.00

Pray and meditate with the ministers of Sunburst while listening to this devotional talk on the purpose of teaching meditation. God is here for all of us at the proper moment and the proper time. Love is the key to which God responds. Plow the field of meditation with devotion and service, and discover the pearl of great price, the kingdom of heaven, the Christ Consciousness within the core of your being.



The Awakening recorded live by Norman Paulsen

Audio CD, $14.00

Let the music open your heart and prepare you to receive the pearls of wisdom shared during a Kriya meditation retreat at Sunburst Sanctuary. We are sitting on the threshold of an evolution of consciousness for humanity to receive. Awaken the light within you and realize who you truly are! As you grow in the consciousness of Christ, you know that God is alive, and true service to God comes upon you.




A Tribute to the Life of Norman Paulsen, Founder of Sunburst

DVD, 25 minutes, $12.95

This moving tribute to the life of our visionary founder Norman Paulsen is an inspiring introduction to the history and purpose of Sunburst. Enjoy the journey and envision yourself participating in this grand experiment! Yes, we can create heaven on this war-torn earth again, with the application of spiritual practice, supportive community and selfless service, for the benefit of all beings.



The Sacred Science of Meditation

DVD, 77 minutes, $28.95

Filmed at an actual initiation

ISBN # 0-941848-02-7

Where East meets West. Learn Sunburst Kriya Yoga II, the Rainbow Technique of Meditation, as received by Norman Paulsen from his teachers Paramahansa Yogananda and Christ Jesus. Norman guides you on an exploration of the eight dimensions of consciousness existing right within you, leading into the kingdom of heaven and the loving Being of light called I Am That I Am. Sunburst welcomes and encourages all who view this video to receive Sunburst Kriya Yoga initiation at our sanctuary. Please contact us for initiation schedule.

DVD $28.95


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