Why Meditate?

By Norman Paulsen

My teacher Paramahansa Yogananda used to say, “If you only knew how close God is, you would see him right now.” Our Divine Father and Mother want you to know them, want you to see them. The unimaginable can be seen. When the inner eye of soul is opened, God comes blazing in our consciousness, filling you with the greatest love you can ever conceive of.

How blessed we all are to be alive, to be present in this moment, asking God: “Reveal yourself to me!” To find that light within us, to let it grow, to nourish it, to receive its love and allow it to open our hearts, this is why we meditate. This Being that has created all of us wants to become conscious in our minds, in our thoughts, participating in everything we do that is virtuous, giving and loving. We each have this wonderful gift of Presence in our souls.

Breathe in Spirit’s light. Let it descend to your heart. It builds a mighty heart within you that can withstand anything. It makes living in virtue wonderful and simple. It gives you a purpose, and makes your life and work a joy.

Sunburst is available to facilitate workshops, classes and Kriya Yoga initiations; individual instruction is available by appointment. Techniques include:

  • Coming into Stillness, guided relaxation and visualization
  • Hong Sau technique of concentration
  • Om Technique, awakening intuition for direct communion with the Divine
  • Kriya Yoga I, Circulation of the Light
  • Kriya Yoga II, the Rainbow Technique
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