God is Pure Consciousness

God is Pure Consciousness

by Norman Paulsen

I Am the space between that which observes and that which is observed.
I am the Pure Self; I Am That I Am.

Consciousness is the key to where I AM exists. Consciousness is the Pure Self existing within, watching me, the soul. If consciousness is absent, soul has no awareness. Consciousness is beyond light and time. Consciousness created light and time. Consciousness created the miraculous five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Consciousness is God surrounding me, watching me, the soul.

In meditation, I cannot become totally conscious until I can observe that it is my thoughts that carry me away. When I’m able to concentrate fully conscious upon the Light at the smallest of all places before me, this experience touches the very roots of my existence. I have touched the hem of Christ’s garment.

In the space between the cessation of one thought and the birth of another, thoughts suddenly cease; pure consciousness speaks. It is the voice of God, I AM THAT I AM, saying: I love you.

Stop thinking, and see and hear God speaking to you!

Can we identify thoughts? If we can, we can identify God. Thoughts, as energy particles, exist upon the surface of Pure Consciousness, like clouds in the sky.

God is the space between and around my thoughts. God is Pure Consciousness surrounding me, watching me, the soul.

Pure Consciousness is ecstasy. It identifies the smallest of all places and expands into the largest of all places, the expanding sphere of creation. Transcending the creation, It exists beyond space and time, in the eternal “Thatness” of Divine Spirit as ever-new joy, bliss and love! Cosmic consciousness means being aware, as a soul, of Pure Consciousness, God. That man becomes a true son of God, that woman a true daughter, when soul uses awareness to perceive Pure Consciousness, God, as the only substance supporting soul.

Pure consciousness designed the physical great upper brain structure with its right and left cerebrums. Jesus referred to the great higher brain as the upper room, the upper chamber, and invited his disciples to follow him there. Jesus was well aware of this great structure and its functions. It was designed by Pure Consciousness, God, for the sixth sense, the Christ sense, Christ consciousness to function through while the soul is in the physical body.

The attempts of mankind to reproduce the capabilities of the Cosmic Mind through computer technology are a detour away from the truth within each one of us. The computers of today cannot compare to the latent powers locked up within this upper brain, fashioned by the Divine. If as much time was spent on learning how to meditate and how to live a loving, virtuous life accessing this divine gift, as is spent on the pursuits of wealth and keeping better records on computers, our world would be God- realized. Every day would be a joy and an ecstasy to live.

Yes, the great higher brain was created for God, I AM THAT I AM, to inhabit and enjoy the fruits and beauties of the world through the physical body. In today’s terms, it is the greatest of all computers, capable of containing the wisdom, draft and design of all images in creation. How do we gain access to it?

The secret is meditation upon Christ, I AM THAT I AM. Christ consciousness will anoint and descend upon the meditating soul within the dual sacred spirals, sacred vortexes of white fire. This is the baptism of fire. These dual forces of power descend through and around the door on the crown of the head, and move toward the heart center, to meet the meditator’s ascending life forces. These dual forces begin to program the great upper brain structure to function at greater capacity. As if through an umbilical cord, the meditator’s great upper brain and spinal centers are nourished with the energy of Christ, I AM THAT I AM. The growth of Christ consciousness—the process of divine illumination—has begun. This is the true destiny of each one of us.




Be a Star — Befriend Aquarius

Be a Star — Befriend Aquarius

The founder of Sunburst, Norman Paulsen, was born during Aquarius. His birthday is February 3. Aquarius is the Sun sign for January 20 to February 18. It is called “the Water Bearer” because, as a friend to all, it pours forth the humanitarian spirit.

Inventive and unique in nature, Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign. It is steadfast in its ideas—fixed in that it never gives up on what it believes is right. When Norm Paulsen introduced the concept of associating virtues with zodiac signs, he attributed Charity to Aquarius.

The planet associated with this sign is the rather eccentric Uranus. In Sunburst’s early days one of Norm’s favorite quotes was from a 1967 music album called “The Zodiac,” by Mort Garson.  “In the friendly opal light of Uranus, all men can blend yet still be what they are.”

We are all children of the same Divine Mother and Father. Norm urged us to see that Divine light of Spirit in each other. That is the true charity by which we can uplift friends, family and all of humanity.

“The Zodiac, Aquarius” complete lyrics:
Four, four hundred or four thousand dreams may decay into indigo dust that covers Aquarius and still the voice will say ‘love’
Go, be, but forget no one
Weak, strong – all belong
In the friendly opal light of Uranus all men can blend yet still be what they are.

Vision of Elders

Vision of Elders

by Jake Collier

When I was a young boy, about eight or nine, my friend and I were anxiously anticipating the end of school. We raced home to his house because it was the beginning of a new show on TV that afternoon called “The Mickey Mouse Club.” It became a daily goal of mine to watch that show.

On one of the shows they revealed an answer to one of my questions—how all the wonderful images were created on the screen. They did a show about going into the Disney Studios and interviewing animators. They explained how they sketch a figure, and then on the next page the figure would be slightly different, and so on. When you flipped the pages, this figure came to life. On film, each scene or frame is a still image. All those stills are put on celluloid and run through a projector, and merge into motion and life on the screen.

The greatest animator and filmmaker is our Creator. We look around us, and we see such incredible images. From the very outer rim of creation to the very core of it, our Divine Creator projects images and gives them life. This incredible creation keeps growing; new galaxies are being born, new images are being created.

Each breath is a new beginning, a new chance, a new opportunity.

With high-powered microscopes, we learn how hard rocks, surfaces, and metals are made up of particles that have space around them. Sometimes we feel like our body is a solid mass, but when we sit in deep meditation, we can feel the space, that Divine space and energy that gives life to all we see within, and all around us.

The greatest storyteller of all time is our Creator. The greatest director and screenplay writer has set into motion this creation. It fashioned these bodies so that It may play all the parts and experience its own creation—to hear it, see it, smell it, touch it, taste it.

On a vacation or a trip, when we see a beautiful scene or image that moves us deeply, we snap a picture of it to share with others. Somehow the camera doesn’t capture what we felt. No matter how much we try to describe that experience, the other person viewing the photograph doesn’t really feel the full impact. That’s because we have to experience it on a cellular level to receive the full impact of this life.

With a tool of meditation, one can dive deep and experience the Divine, to experience our Creator. We can feel our inner senses open up, inner vision, inner hearing. Through meditation, we can receive answers to our questions. We’re able to view life around us like a motion picture, and we begin to be able to discern our direction in this life, our part in this play, this Divine motion picture. Meditation is the key that unlocks the doors, that solves the mysteries of this life.

We learn about how much thrust it takes for a rocket to overcome the field of this earth’s gravity. Likewise, meditation takes will power; it takes conditioning; it takes practice. To break out of these images that we see around us, and discover who we really are, takes an incredible amount of effort and dedication. How we’ve lived our lives in the past, how hard we put forth an effort each day, and how much Divine Grace we are given, all factor into how and when we make a break through. Men and women before us have done it, have broken through and become one with their Divine Creator.

In a motel room one night, I started to meditate. As soon as I sat down and started circulating the light, a room opened up before my inner vision. Ancient ones in white robes were walking into the room, about seven of them. They began to sit down and face me in meditation. The figure closest to me held up his hand with the palm facing towards me. I felt an energy of acknowledgment, understanding, and willingness to help and be a part of our lives here.

What we see with our physical eyes is just one plane of existence. There are so many other planes, wonderful places of beauty. By meditating and going within, we can discover these places and experience them. They become an aid in helping us get through the trials of existence here.

The ancient ones are watching us. They cheer us on and celebrate our victories; they feel our pain when we’re struggling. They are here to help us, to encourage us. They understand how hard it is here to break through.

I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed to experience their presence. The next night in my motel room when I began to meditate, there they were again, all sitting in meditation with me.

We have each other, and we have the help of the angels, and the ancient ones that have walked this journey before us. They have blazed the trail and marked the way. All we need to do is make the effort. Then we can realize and experience things in this life that are beyond description, beyond words, for when we experience a touch of the Divine, we are changed forever. It gives us an insatiable thirst to be divinely touched again and again.

Almighty Spirit, our Creator, our true friend,
We give thanks for the opportunity to participate in this drama we call life.

Guide us, keep us strong and healthy, that we might maintain and overcome any obstacles that confront us. Open up our inner senses, that we might experience the oneness that truly exists here in this creation, the oneness of Your life and Your love. Help us to see your face in everyone we meet, and may we always see your divine fingerprint in this creation.

Preparing the Vessel

Preparing the Vessel

by Norman Paulsen

The wonderful experiences that I have been blessed with were given to me for one reason only: that through all my trials, my heart has never desisted from loving and seeking God. No matter what I was doing, good or bad, I could never quit loving God.

If I made a mistake, I always asked His forgiveness and started again. By our love and devotion to God, we begin to taste his immortality. It can be seen; it can be heard; it can be felt. It is the most incredible experience. Yes, touching the hem of the divine garment.

As each and every one of us moves toward heaven, toward the blessed experience of immortality, we will begin to feel God’s power in us, more and more. He tests each one of us to see how much we can take, like thrusting steel into the fire again and again to increase its temper. At times, you may cry to God, “Why am I so mistreated? O God, is your hand so set against me?”

If you listen to the silence, you will hear God saying, “I want you so strong for future work that no matter what happens, you will never break.” God cannot pour down his life and light, power and wisdom unless he is sure that the vessel is prepared to hold it. That is why the path to heaven is difficult, and described as a razor’s edge.

I bear witness to heaven, to immortality, today. If we persevere, each and every one can gain that experience, and see and know and understand our Creator, Divine Mother and Father God.

O Divine Comforter, no matter how difficult the path,
I know You have blessed me with the faculties
by which I am able to bear what comes to pass.

As I journey homeward, please hear my soul calling.
I will pursue you every moment of my conscious life.
I will forever persevere, O Spirit Divine,
to develop the willpower to never give up!
I must meet you face to face.
I must hold you in my arms, if you will allow.

You are my Father;
you are my Birth Mother, the Creator of my soul.

From you have I come forth into this world,
into this sea of faces.

I look for you in every face, O Beloved.
Will you please come forth and reveal yourself to me
somehow, somewhere, someday?

I will continue to pursue you in every image and in every place,
until I find you hiding in the mirror image of my own face.


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