by Valerie King 

Letting your eyelids gently close,
look to that place in front of you,
the screen upon which the inner-dimensional
tunnel and star of Christ first appears.

As you become conscious of your breathing,
become conscious of your thoughts
slowing and becoming deeper.

Imagine you are diving deep into a beautiful ocean,
looking intently to find
that precious pearl that lies at the bottom.
The more quiet your thoughts become,
the deeper you can dive.

That precious pearl, that star of light,
is your true Self.
This body that you live in, this personality
with all its thoughts, emotions, and desires,
is simply the clothing that you wear.
It is not your true being.

Who are we?
Who is I Am That I Am?
Who is the I Am that exists at the very root,
the very core of our being?

This is what our meditation is for:
to rediscover who I Am really is.

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