The Freedom to Choose Heaven on Earth

The Freedom to Choose Heaven on Earth

  by Paul Custer    First, I want to take a closer look at the concept of virtue. Existing within each one of us is the radiant light of God, known as our pure Self. It’s already there. It’s not outside you, it’s inside of you. And that radiant sphere of light that’s in you contains all of the virtues, each spinning perfectly, producing a vortex of pure radiant light.

Consciousness of any virtue is the understanding of how it works, what it does, how it manifests, how to bring it through your being, how to share it with others. But the feeling of that virtue is love. Its fruits are freedom and joy. 

Love is the weave that binds all of the virtues together, allowing them to work in conjunction with each other, to support each other, to amplify each other. And love gives us understanding, if we’re applying that virtue to the best of our ability. It’s one thing to understand the concept or the consciousness of a virtue, but as you’re applying it, you can literally feel what it’s doing. You can feel the effect it has on others. You can feel the effect from others as they express virtue towards you. If you approach this by realizing that virtue already exists in you, in its purest form, then you are simply allowing it to shine forth. 

As with every virtue, when you’re practicing and using Honesty for example, your intent is as important as what you say—the thought process and the consciousness behind what you express. Virtue itself is a form of life force, a true force of nature, the force to create. When you express virtue, you create a beautiful, enduring world. It has the ability to last through eternity.

The integration of honesty/truthfulness into your life has three unique parts. First is the thought process or intent behind it, the consciousness that you’re using to energize that force. Next is your ability to express it in words, in spoken concept, to deliver it as a beautiful message to others. Even the simplest thing can carry the signature of that pure life force. 

The final integration is when you align your intent with your words and allow them to manifest as actions. Your actions are the final piece that demonstrates to the Universe, not just to other individuals but to the Universe, that you are aligned with the virtue that’s coming out of your core, from your pure Self. Your intent, your word, and your deed are integrated, allowing the full force of your life connection to that virtue to flow through you.

The inevitable result is that you bond with the Universe. You create a perfect golden strand of light connecting you to the entire Universe, and that is truly powerful in every sense. It allows you then to exist in that joyous state of heaven on earth, one that you are creating and choose to exist within. Remember, that if you don’t apply all this, you’re choosing to exist somewhere else. This exemplifies one of the great gifts that our Creator has given each one of usthe ability to choose. 

When you’re making choices, remember that at every moment that pure vortex exists within you. It is your life force. It is your life essence, and all you need to do is let it be expressed. 

As you begin to express virtue in your life, in your exchanges with the other wonderful souls that you come in contact with, you can hold forgiveness in one hand and gratitude in the other, and it will help you guide your path. Through forgiveness you remove all prior judgment from those who you meet and speak with. You remove prior judgment upon yourself, and you open the door to allow your opened heart to allow virtue to flow outward from you.

From your other hand, gratitude allows you a simple form through which you can express your love and appreciation for your existence here and for your interactions with other beings and with your Creator. That simple expression of gratitude begins the flow. Life force flowing out from you as pure virtue makes it much easier to honestly express what’s in your heart, what your intentions are, what your needs might be. 

The greatest application of honesty is your relationship with our divine Creator, your willingness to open your heart and to recognize what your abilities are and aren’t, and to openly share that and to ask for the strength and the virtue of life force to create a deep loving bond between you and your Creator. Then applying honesty to your actions shows the Creator your willingness to apply all that you have just stated, whether it’s easy or whether it might be more challenging. Each time you express virtue as an integrated flow of life force, you are manifesting heaven on earth. 

God’s Humble Servants

God’s Humble Servants

•  by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  The lives of the saints and prophets are expressions of divine Spirit, to show us the way to live if we want to meet and know God—if we truly want to be in an eternal existence with the Divine. Every man and woman alive who has felt true love, true peace, and seen true beauty, wants to live in that energy forever. We all want to see the sun rise tomorrow and feel its warmth, see the blue sky, feel the wind in our face, smell the fragrance of the flowers, and hold and touch those dear faces and friends. Yes, we all want continuous life.

If we want continuous, or eternal life, we must seek it where we were told we could find it. We have to make an effort to meet God. But how can we accomplish this? How can we become more like our divine Father and Mother, to draw that Presence into our lives?

I find that God’s power responds almost immediately when it is for the benefit of others that we pray. We then see miracles and the presence of the divine power working. For the most part, when people pray and ask for things for their own self gain, God doesn’t acknowledge this, and people wonder why. It’s because we aren’t fulfilling divine law. God is constantly giving and serving every particle of creation in every moment. When we can align ourselves with this energy, the floodgates are released, and the divine power can flow through us.

When we are more concerned with helping those around us than we are with helping ourselves, then we can see God’s power working. God watches the humble servants who have become more concerned for the welfare of their brothers and sisters than for themselves. Then God says, “I have to help her (or him), because nobody else is going to. He (or she) is too busy helping everyone else.”

I’ve seen it over and over again, that God takes care of the humble servant, miraculously. Those who set their own desires aside, and entertain the one desire to serve God, have all things added unto them. God loves them so much, and loves divine communion with their souls. God’s living presence becomes so strong within them that every desire of their hearts is miraculously fulfilled.

When you are one with God, you say, “Lord, I gave that desire up; it really doesn’t matter anymore.”

And God says, “That’s alright, just take it anyway.”

But then you can give it all away if you want to. These are the things that we see, that God does for us. Humble servants for God have seen miraculous power at work to build things for the betterment of all human beings.

An Extraordinary Day

An Extraordinary Day

•  Dawn King, Sunburst  •  Often, I ask my closest companion, God, to let me see through his/her eyes so I can understand better what in the world is going on here. But when I’m outside in Nature, I invite God to enjoy this beautiful creation with me through the sensations I experience. What a joy this brings to me and I know God feels it as well. I’ll tell you how I know; here’s an example.

I went birding for the first time with Cary and some friends in Santa Barbara. I’d been so wanting to go birding with others and, was thrilled to take this opportunity. The group was going to Lake Los Carneros, “home turf” for them.

Very soon in our walk, someone said to me, “Well…I don’t hear or see any birds right off.”

I responded, “In the distance, I hear a cacophony of birds, but can’t make out any particular song.”

Only a few minutes later, in a flash we had already seen extraordinary mating displays, I’d taken some great bird photos, and the group was very excited. Hal leaned my way saying, “You realize, it’s not this way every time we come out here. This is an extraordinary day!”

“I’m sure it is!” I replied, remembering the many times my husband Al and I have been in nature where joyous people excitedly commented: “We’ve never seen it like this before! This is extraordinary!”

Yes, life is extraordinary when we invite God to enjoy it with us. If anyone in your group is doing that, you might all get the benefit. It seems to be a contagious enjoyment. Below is a photo from my recent Nevada desert trip.

God loves to be with us. This is what the whole creation is about. – Norman Paulsen, Sunburst FounderSouthern Nevada Desert

Patience is Power

Patience is Power

By using our willpower we can tune into divine grace and accept the opportunities it provides us. This is not an instant thing. We have to persevere and have patience. It’s a lifelong pursuit, much like the following story in which Tibetan monks meditate as they build a monastery floor.

[Excerpt from the book “Tibetan Voices”] We built the floors of the monastery from scratch. Since there was no cement in Tibet, we used a material called arka, which is similar to crushed stone or gravel. It made very beautiful floors. We pounded this material with a tool consisting of a long pole and a heavy stone attached to the bottom end. The monks would form a line and sing as they pummeled the many stones into a solid floor, working to the rhythm of the song.

This was hard work; the big stones were broken up to make smaller ones, and then layers of these stones were pounded into the floor, slowly going from bigger stones to smaller and smaller. Remaining holes were filled by pounding in the finest material. Then a powdery form of the stone was put on top and this was also hammered into the floor, using water to help the binding.

Once the floor was pounded so it was smooth and level, we would get down on our knees and use big flat slabs of stone to polish the surface. Water was sprinkled onto the floor as we polished and worked our way from one end of the room to the other. The muddy result of all this effort was wiped away with cloths. Slowly, the beauty of the floor would begin to come out. Finally, a mixture of boiled oil and tree resin, the type used in making incense offerings, was applied. Cement was never used in the construction of Tibetan monasteries, and the finished quality of the buildings was far superior to any that could have been made of cement.

Slowly, the beauty of the Pure Self, the Christ light within each of us can shine forth, after lifetimes of desire and effort. This is the power of patience.

Speak to Me of Rebirth

Speak to Me of Rebirth

•  by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  I said: Lord, speak to me of rebirth. Tell me of its meaning. What takes place within me? Why is it necessary? Where did I come from? Where shall I go? Have I always been, and shall I always be? Will you be near or far from me? At times I see you, and at times I don’t. Come closer, Lord, converse with me. Whisper to me of immortal life; I see surely that it was for all of us.

We feel your presence as the wind through a tree; softly, Lord, you’re caressing me. I believe, and I see, it’s you in all, and all in thee. One we are, and one we be, all together now eternally.

Most sweet God, let me drink from the eternal spring. Let me not wither and die. Let me feel as it was before. Mother divine, you comfort me. From your womb I came into this world to be. Mother divine, I love thee! I know you, Mother and Father, are both present now in every face. I see you now. Our toil and our tears are not in vain; you know our plight. With all my might I reach for thee, with all my will. Oh strengthen me, that I may stand forth as a son to thee a daughter there, as we used to be.

I Am That I Am, the name of the most high, Mother-Father Creator, the godhead, the two in one, made one in three. From all the rest came you and me. I Am That I Am is your shield and your strength. Call on his name. I Am That I Am are the magical words all the spirits in eternity heard. All kneel down, pause and listen; whenever I Am has come, they listen. He dwells in us; She dwells in us. The two together conceive the child, the true you, the true me, the true image. It’s immortal.

Seek it diligently. The most prized possession in all the creation, the thing most sought after by all beings is the reflected image of I Am That I Am, whose face blazes forth like the eternal Sun; his visage so brilliant, one feels consumed at a mere glance of it. Do we dare to look upon his face? we dare if we seek his place, our true home, I Am That I Am. He and She bring forth the worlds and all images; each one of us is a part of I Am That I Am.

Father, Mother, we feel your presence alighting on the crowns of our heads like the soft touch of a dove’s wing. Move into our tree of life, Mother-Father; nourish us. Lead us to our rebirth and our growth, and the vision of the eternal heavens, the abode of all your children, sons and daughters, immortal ones filled with love, divine ecstasy, joy, security.

Exhilaration for every moment that moves in eternity, we ride on waves of your consciousness, the eternal cosmic sea. Grant us the vision of your immortal spiritual Sun, your first born, the Light of creation. Once seen, we are baptized in the fire of your life, your presence. Amen.

Awakening in Christ Consciousness

Awakening in Christ Consciousness

  by Greg Anderson    Paramahansa Yogananda said a day will come when all humans on Earth will be Christ-conscious. How do we get it? What exactly is it? How does it change us?

In 2013, I had an experience in meditation. I started doing Kriya circulations, and several events occurred. The final thing that happened is that I was allowed to see myself in meditation. As I inhaled, my chakras lit up like someone was blowing on the hot coals of a fire. As I exhaled, I could see the same thing happen from above, moving downward.

I realized that brother Norm was right, the heart chakra was gold, it was very visible. I also realized, there were two shafts of light coming down through my astral spine, and they were almost connected. While I was watching this, I realized: “This is my divine feminine and my divine masculine. They’re about to meet for the first time in power, in my heart chakra.” When they did, there was an immediate expansion of my heart chakra. The light was gold and emanating in all directions, and I felt bliss at that moment: “Don’t let this ever end!”

Christ consciousness ignites in that divine embryo in each of us. It grows in our heart chakra, and enables us to begin the journey all the way to cosmic consciousness.

So, what changed in me? After that experience, my body didn’t feel the same. My mind was expanded. Service to others became very important to me. My connection to nature became different. I’d never been a tree-hugger but, I found myself actually saying to my wife that one of the plants in our yard looked happy after the rain. I would never have said that before 2013.

I have more empathy for people. too. I feel connected to people that I’ve never met—you and I are one in that we’re all connected to the same Creator. After my experience, I really felt like I was now “Greg 2.0,” a different me. My perspective was changing. A new being had occurred.

Those are the kind of changes that I felt. I know Divine Spirit wants each of us to experience this. I know that it may never have happened in my life had I not come to Sunburst on a weekend when a training in Kriya meditation was offered.

It’s, by far, one of the greatest gifts that I have received in this lifetime. Take advantage of Kriya meditation training, if you haven’t done so yet.

I don’t think any of these steps forward in consciousness that we make happen suddenly. They happen over a long period of time, and maybe over many lifetimes. Be patient; it may not be for you exactly as I described my experience. However, if you practice Kriya meditation, you will experience Christ consciousness. That spiritual embryo will begin to grow and mature, others became very important to me.

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