Light & Love

Light & Love

by Craig Hanson  •  

Let’s greet that Light.
Let’s embrace the diversity of all cultures,
of all God’s children
for truly that Light within our souls,
which is the pure Self,
is the light in every created being.

The sun we see outside of us today,
winking at us through the clouds,
is that same inner sun,
our divine Companion that likes to play with us,
hiding in and out of the creation,
enjoying life.

In meditation we touch divine Love and Joy.
In the stillness between two thoughts
—any two thoughts—we come to know.
We come to get blasted by the Light,
like seeing the gap between cars
on a speeding freight train.
If we penetrate the gaps between the cars
with one pointed focus and concentration,
time stands still,
and we behold Light that was always there,
but we saw it not.

Practicing Contentment and Non-Attachment

Practicing Contentment and Non-Attachment

by John Kiddie    When we’re dependent upon external factors such as relationships, jobs, finances, etc. for our sense of well-being, we naturally have a strong investment in things turning out a particular way. By doing this we most likely create suffering for ourselves.

“Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.” – Art Linkletter

For the person who has found an inner source of happiness through the spiritual practice of meditation, observing non-attachment becomes much easier. In fact, unfavorable circumstances can be seen as gifts in disguise, to deepen our inner experience.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

In a universe where nothing is a miracle, mistakes are possible. In this world, I am a victim of circumstances, and others are the cause of my unhappiness. This is the world of should-haves, could-haves, and why-me. Someone who views life in this way will invariably have a strong attachment to outcomes.

On the other hand, if you subscribe to the view that everything is unfolding perfectly according to a flawless divine plan, surrender and non-attachment are not so difficult to achieve. Instead of asking, “Why me?” when trouble hits, every event can be viewed as our own perfect creation, to learn and grow.

You’re ready to ask: What is the gift in this situation for me? Or, you realize since that didn’t work out, there must be an even better situation just around the corner. When we put all of our eggs in one basket as far as happiness goes, whether it be a special relationship, getting a job promotion, or our income, we are setting ourselves up for suffering.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach

We Are Beings of Light

We Are Beings of Light

by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  With the consistent practice of meditation, contemplation and prayer, the existence of the divine Presence within you begins to unfold. You will eventually be able to identify the light that Jesus spoke of, shining behind the darkness of closed eyes.

This light is from another universe existing within the structure of our own dimension. Here, other suns shine and blue skies reflect upon the waters. This is a living universe that watches us more than we are able to watch and comprehend it.

Our physical bodies seem solid but, in the light of present scientific discoveries, exist as a sea of highly intelligent subatomic particles not unlike swarms of bees set about building honeycombs. These divine and highly intelligent particles of light and energy continually build the structures of creation and everything we see!

These subatomic particles can be seen and known by the meditating adept. They are the body of Christ consciousness. They are as bright as any sun we see. They create suns and galaxies in this dimension. If we seek to know God, we will surely see them in our meditations. They will shape our bodies in the next dimension as we leave this present one behind in death’s transition.

Through your belief in these sacred forces that are continually creating you, the doctrine of sin and the burden of guilt vanish, and you begin to move into the light of Self-realization. Your love becomes divine, and your soul creates an unbreakable bond with the pure Self within, unleashing your healing and creative powers: the ability to create, project, and materialize your own images into the future.

As you put on your true spiritual nature, the pure Self, you will recognize the knowledge which has always been there and you have seen it not.

Meditation for Stress Relief

Meditation for Stress Relief

by Jacob Collier  •  Many of us have been affected in one way or another, by the horrific events that take place in this country and around the world—fires, floods, famines, etc. We wonder what we can do to help, what we can do as individuals to make a difference.
Stress Helps us Grow
At other times we wonder: How can we stand up for what is right rather than getting rolled along with a more prevalent energy that is not healthy? How can we help change the tide of energy from a negative one to a positive one? How can we replace fear with faith and courage?  

Turning to prayer and meditation is even more important during times when we feel fearful or anxious. When we are successful in shutting down the senses and going within, we truly become a conduit of light. 

As Spirit enters the tops of our heads, it not only energizes us but it passes on through our bodies and into the center of the Earth positively energizing our planet and all of its inhabitants. Deep meditation is truly one of the ways that we can help in the healing and evolution of the planet.
Breathe away feelings
Another way we can help is with sincere prayer from our hearts to our Creator. Pray for the Earth, and for the expansion of peace, harmony, and non-violence for all of humanity. 

Meditation helps us arrive at and maintain an objective viewpoint. From this observer’s seat we can watch the emotional highs and lows of others and ourselves. We gain greater spiritual insight and self-control. When we feel God’s light and unconditional love flowing within us, we help shift and uplift humanity simply by our presence. 

I Am that I Am, our Creator, we love you so much and we are so thankful for the sacred teachings of divine illumination. They are a part of the great healing and future unfolding of life on this Earth. May your will be done. Amen

Compassion & the Islamic New Year

Compassion & the Islamic New Year

by Dawn King    Isn’t it amazing that humans have so many different ways of calculating and celebrating new beginnings. New Year on the Islamic calendar falls on August 10th this year. Historical calculations of New Year depended on the sighting of the New Moon. Today, astronomical calculations usually determine the Islamic calendar and the setting of its holy days.

The Islamic calendar starts at sunset on the evening it commemorates Muhammad’s first exodus with his followers, i.e. the beginning of Islam. Many Islamic observances celebrate incidents in the life of Moses and the lives of others who are revered by Christians and Jews, as well. Three of the world’s major religions have the same roots.

As the leader of a new “nation” Muhammad created a constitution with laws that encouraged tolerance and compassion. For instance one law states, “And the believers shall not leave any one, hard-pressed with debts, without affording him some relief, in order that the dealings between the believers be in accordance with the principles of goodness and justice.”

As a part of Cosmic consciousness Sunburst recognizes twelve virtues, one of which is emphasized each month of the year. The virtue of Compassion is currently prominent during the astrological month of Leo (July 23 to August 22). But each virtue is complimented by virtue opposite it—in the opposite zodiac sign. For Compassion that is Charity (Aquarius); Compassion is an act of charity, giving of ourselves.

Compassion is something we feel for another, having also endured their situation, or realizing how easily we could be in their plight. “But for the grace of God, there go I.” This is a paraphrase of Paul of Tarsus (Saint Paul the Apostle) in 1 Corinthians (15: 8-10) “ But by the grace of God I am what I am…” We are reminded to be grateful for our own blessings every day.

Recently I was hiking and had a bad fall. Realizing how much worse the outcome could have been, I found myself being more grateful for those things I normally took for granted. When I walk, I say, “I am grateful that my legs and feet are working so well.” I’d badly twisted my ankle. in my meditations I say, “I am thankful for my good health and for a sound mind.” In falling, I’d hit my head resulting in a concussion that lasted for several weeks.

Compassion for others can remind us to be grateful for the things that are right in our lives. It can also move us to do something to assist those we see as being in some way less fortunate. Perhaps your compassion leads you to donate for victims of fire, flood, famine, disease, etc. Perhaps you volunteer at a local food bank or shelter of some sort.

Our children can learn compassion by observing our example. Compassion starts with empathy, or understanding another’s feelings, and may come naturally to a child. Even a 2-year-old might try to comfort another child who is crying. Four-year-olds might apologize when they hurt another’s feelings. At 5 or 6 children learn to take turns and can think of ways to help others.

We can grow in compassion and kindness, and help our children grow in that way also:

1. Imagine yourself in the other person’s position. Their facial expression might help you realize how they feel.

2. Recognize rudeness; don’t respond in kind, but realize it may be the result of some unseen situation.

3. Notice, and acknowledge it when someone is kind to you.

4. Avoid copying bad behavior you might see around you, on TV, movies, or the Internet. It’s NOT okay!

5. Name calling (even insinuation) is not acceptable; it’s hurtful.

6. Competition is usually contrary to the idea of working together, and gives us the idea that others stand in the way of our success. The only healthy competition is found in overcoming our own limitations.

Our ability to act with compassion and kindness is challenged during a lifetime of human interactions. And it’s through the school of human interactions that we have our greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. Reflection and meditation then help us gain an objective view of our interactions with others. Meditation can open us to insights into others’ motives and the past experiences which have shaped them. A gift of insight like this is truly invaluable, and humbling.

We realize that everyone is coming from different circumstances and background experiences. And each person is trying to do the best they can in the midst of life’s many challenges. Let’s each celebrate the start of a new year of more conscious Compassion.


The Experience of God

The Experience of God

by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  Millenniums ago there were societies on the planet in which the peoples possessed what we call cosmic consciousness. Every individual knew God face to face. They knew the mechanics of how creation began, and the laws that were programmed into it to keep it in harmony. They were indeed the divine caretakers of this planet. They received the will of the Divine and they created beauty in structures, arts, and sciences.

In our time, we see a world in chaos. We see one religious faction fighting another, one ideology fighting another. Many religions state that their way is the only way, therefore the others must be destroyed. But the fact remains that the divine Intelligence inspired the founders of all major religions with cosmic consciousness, with Christ consciousness. Each of these founders saw the divine Brilliance, the face of God. They received guidance, inspiration, and the will to go forth and help others seek God face to face. There is only one God; there is only one Light that inspired them all in the beginning.

The people of this world must realize this, and learn to be caretakers of this beautiful base station in space, where travelers come and go. This is why we meditate—to open ourselves up to that Light; to learn to sit quietly in devotion and open the tunnel to eternity, visible right before our faces.

Every one of us is connected to this tunnel, to the very center of creation where the first creation of Light occurred in deep space billions of years ago. Yes, we are all connected to the heart of creation, the heart of the divine Being, the very hub upon which all the wheels and spheres of creation turn.

We all have so many unanswered questions; if only we could get our hands upon God to understand why we are here, and what we can do to help this suffering world. I Am That I Am, this divine, intelligent, and very, very conscious Being who exists in and around us knows everything we think, everything we desire, and everything we do. God will respond so strongly to our heart’s true desire to know Him and Her.

Spirit asks each one of us to make an everyday endeavor of turning the wheel of meditation. One of those times you will sit for those few minutes and find that hours have gone by. You will be in the presence of incredible brilliance, and you will hear a voice coming from all space, the voice of God. “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from, or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8) Thus is the Divine.

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