by Norman Paulsen    Long ago in a vision, the “face” of God appeared to me as a great light, brighter than the physical sun. It identified itself to me as I Am That I Am, and conveyed the truth that the Divine is dual in nature. “I Am masculine; I Am feminine; I Am Thatness from which the two came forth.” Two equal forces neither stronger than the other, are active within the creation we observe around us every day.

“I Am That I Am” is one of the greatest mantras. When we identify with that life force and repeat those words with devotion and concentration, we will get an immediate response. We will experience that force, that life which is around and within us, keeping the atomic structure of our bodies functioning every microsecond of time.

We didn’t create ourselves, and don’t even run the inner mechanisms of our bodies. Who is doing all of this for us? There is a divine Being here in us right now that we can meet and know, who would walk fully conscious with us in these bodies it created!

There was once a devotee who was calling and calling on God, going every day to put flowers on the altar, meditating, praying, doing asanas—every practice he could think of. One day when he went to the altar, he was suddenly struck with illumination, and put the flowers on his own head! So it is when we start awakening into the Cosmic conscious mind that we begin to realize this body is a divine creation, spun together by dual divine forces.

Why does this creation exist? Why are all of us here? I Am That I Am says: “I created all of these beings so that I can become fully conscious in each one. I walk in the masculine and the feminine. I enjoy the experience of being human. I bathe in the waters. I gaze at the universe, and breathe the fresh air.”

To become fully conscious God-realized beings is what Spirit wants for all of us. Once you experience God-consciousness, it will never leave you. You may go astray, but it will never leave you. It’s like having a gentle hand on your head, always drawing you back to it.

Having this experience doesn’t mean you’re infallible, or that you don’t make mistakes. You’re like a child with a new sense added to the five outer senses. Call it the Cosmic sense, the Christ sense. It’s the sense that knows you are one with the whole cosmos, and it’s one with with us. The divine Being is you, and you are the divine Being, along with everyone else! Your awareness expands into everyone and everything you see. You realize that God is the only reality. Hold fast to that divine Being you know!

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