Spirit in Action 

Spirit in Action 

& the Power of Visualization and Prayer   •  All of California was in such a bad drought, reservoirs and creeks near empty, and just about everyone was visualizing and hoping for rain,… and rain we got all at once!!! 

“Why?” we might ask, “Why do these things happen?” We could certainly be asking this about the flood that gushed through so many parts of California, including Sunburst’s sanctuary on January 9th. The property received over 10 inches of rain in less than 24 hours—this after waves of previous rainy days had saturated the ground. The hills funneled their moisture into the valley, which long ago had been a river valley. The little creek that now gushed with water and damming debris quickly overflowed its banks. Water found its way to any area downstream, and at lower elevation. Never mind that this was a parking lot and garden. The water swept into, onto, and through it all, including parts of our lodge building

We had prepared for this event, not knowing what the magnitude would be. A team had come together to put the area around the event center in order, clearing leaves and branches, and putting out sandbags. This kind of teamwork is a hallmark of Sunburst, the can-do spirit upon which the community was built and has persevered through adversities for over 50 years. People coming together for a positive common cause is a beautiful thing. All spirits are lifted, and the benefic grace of the Universe is magnetically drawn to assist. 

Communications were heightened after our preparations. A text message read:
“A big ‘Thank You!’ to the volunteers that came out to Sunburst to help with preparations for this weekend’s coming rain. (left to right Paul, Robert, Mark, Judi, Justin Lela, April, Curtis, and not shown: Chad). Such a blessing! With much gratitude!”
Storm Prep Team

Another responded: “It feels really good to see everyone stepping up, working together joyfully for common goals and being their best; that’s what I call practicing what we preach!”

But, the storm came full bore. Now a new wave of “Spirit in Action” has been cleaning up. The glue of Sunburst is our common desire to do good in the world, which includes Self-realization (realization of our highest Self). With our attitude of gratitude, we appreciate the end of an extreme drought, and face the day with the tasks it requires of us. Together we are stronger.
We are incredibly grateful for this land Spirit blessed us with, and for receiving the strength, quick response and backing from all who help maintain it, for the benefit of all beings.

Inspired Halloween Duo

Inspired Halloween Duo

The Wisdom of Owls   by Sunburst Founder, Normal Paulsen 

In my evening meditation, I prayed that divine Mother and Father inspire me anew, to put me on my feet and let me move forward. I was awakened in my sleep by that brilliant light of Christ that I have beheld for so long.

Just outside my room I heard the hoot of an owl three times. Divine Spirit whispered, “Do you hear?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Owl on branch

The voice of Spirit continued, “The wisdom of the owl is with you.”

I was then made aware, as the owl hooted again three times, that it was a male. I asked “Where is his mate?”

No sooner had I said this than I heard further off the hoot of his mate, three times. I realized that divine Spirit Mother and Father were using the owls to communicate their presence and love to me.

These wonderful manifestations come to each of us from Spirit as we persist in our meditations. The kingdom of heaven is spread upon the face of the Earth if we can pause long enough to observe it.

Why This World    by Paramahansa Yogananda 

Don’t depend on death to liberate you from your imperfections. You are exactly the same after death as you were before. Nothing changes; you only give up the body.

If you are a thief or a liar or a cheater before death, you don’t become an angel merely by dying. If such were possible, then let us all go and jump in the ocean now and become angels at once! Whatever you have made of yourself thus far, so will you be hereafter. And when you reincarnate, you will bring that same nature with you.

To change, you have to make the effort. This world is the place to do it.

Music & Nature

Music & Nature

Sunburst residents and visitors enjoyed a joyous, and relaxing weekend celebrating Music and Nature. It was fueled throughout by wonderful organic vegetarian meals. Events included devotional music in the Temple, a group hike through the woods to a vista, fireside sing-along, labyrinth walk, group meditation, and a Medicine Wheel ceremony. Enjoy the photos.


Wheel of Life Ceremony

Chai Toast

Thank Your Body

Thank Your Body

•  by Dawn King  •  We have each been given an amazing physical vehicle through which to operate in this dimension—in this life. How little thought and care we each give to our body. Yet it continues to serve us as best it can every day.

No matter how educated we are, you and I don’t totally understand how this body works, or how the cells communicate and function. If we contemplate it at all, we realize what a miracle it is. We have senses that put us in touch with our surroundings, including other humans. We have organs that keep the body functioning, and we have a brain that allows us to be conscious of all of this.

Unless I am a professional athlete, or dealing with extreme disease or disability, I have little conscious input into what my body is doing every moment; yet I know my thoughts and emotions affect it. Science tells me this, as well as the value of meditation for promoting the good health of my body and mind.

Science is also finding that the basic building blocks of life (of DNA and RNA) are found in comets, and thus throughout the universe. On a microbiological level, we have explored only about 1% of the viruses that exist.

“Viruses are the most numerous organisms on earth. While we are thought to have roughly the same number of bacterial cells as human cells in our body (around 37 trillion), we probably have at least 10 times as many virus particles again. Many of these viruses are involved in essential bodily processes, forming part of our inner ecosystem. It’s probably safe to say we couldn’t survive for long if they all disappeared.” – Tom Oliver, “Science Focus”

Recently, it dawned on me that I needed to be more appreciative of every cell in my physical body. I am blessed with good health; all my bodily cells seem to be humming along in harmony, despite my lack of attention, and even my dumb abuse. I took a few moments to try to thank each bodily cell for the great job it is doing. It felt good, a psychic hug of love and thanks.

Even if you’re not well, I think this would be a good practice, and could improve your health. Our cells work hard every moment trying to maintain normalcy. And how wonderful that most of us have a collection of bodily cells that is trying to work together for the good of the whole—not at odds with each other. Let’s stop and give our body, and each of its cells a mental hug, a conscious deep appreciation.

Meanwhile, we are challenged to realize that our true Self is Spirit, beyond body and mind. In deep meditation and near-death experiences, one comes to this understanding: the immortality of the soul, and the Love which created it and the whole of creation. It’s all amazing!

Finding the Divine in Nature

Finding the Divine in Nature

•  by Sandy Anderson  •
“Nature, the mother of life forms, in her infinite variety is the supreme teacher. Study her, for she springs forth from the imagination of our Creator. More time should be spent deeply studying, observing and meditating on nature. The mother of all life forms exists in the forests and the valleys, the mountains and streams, in wind and sea. Be alone in nature. Meditate there, with all her life forms, and listen.” Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder

Being the kind of a nature spirit that I am, I have definitely taken Norm’s words to heart. One of the many ways that I’m fascinated by nature, is observing the bees. My husband Steve and I are beekeepers, and we do study our bees. Steve first showed me how to do that, it was fascinating.

One day, I saw him get down on his knees in front of one of the hives. He was gazing into the entrance of the hive. Most people wouldn’t really want to do that because they’d be afraid to get stung. But Steve is studious, loving and trusting of our bees. And they are very tolerant of us, so we don’t get stung when we do that.

By looking in, we can actually see how many bees are in the hive, and how many frames are full of bees. The bees will hang down to the very bottom of the frame, if it’s full. And you can see if there’s a lot of honey in there; the honeycomb will be dripping. Keeping bees is a wonderful adventure and many people say it’s a lifetime study to learn everything about bees.

I feel the same with God-consciousness; it’s the essence of our study in this lifetime. Though there’s many fascinating things in nature, the greatest mystery behind all of nature is Divine Spirit, the Creator. That’s who and what we really are longing for; that’s the mystery that we really want to unfold on a deeper level in our lives.

Norm also says:
 “Divine Spirit wants to be the caretaker of the Earth through the hands, feet, hearts and minds of men and women—to feel the good Earth beneath many feet, breathe the clear fresh air, swim in the pure waters, and run in the forests. It desires to feel and look upon the brilliance of the sun, and find divine love within one another, realizing all the time that it created all this superb beauty!”

Oceans Forever

Oceans Forever

•  by Dawn King  •  Last week we celebrated World Oceans Day (June 8). As vast and important as our oceans are, couldn’t we devote a month…or all year, to recognizing their amazing function in our very existence? And the incredible coincidence of how the Sun, Moon and oceans and weather work in conjunction to make Earth habitable. This doesn’t even take into account all the food we derive from the ocean. The more one learns about Nature, the more we are in awe, and the more we find that a “coincidence” seems unlikely.

Sunburst Founder, Norman Paulsen has explained that humanity is standing on the threshold of a quantum leap into a dimension of consciousness we’ve only dreamed of, a state of awareness in which we experience God existing in all beings, and all of Nature. How much more we will enjoy life when we open ourselves to this awareness!

Norm also tells us repeatedly that we are here to be co-creators with the Divine, as well as caretakers of this rare garden planet, and caretakers of each other. “Your sincere efforts will help heal humanity and our Mother Earth, and inspire others onward toward virtue. Your work will become a portrait of God within you.”

I’m sure the Divine wants us to realize how precious all of Earth’s resources are. So here’s a few facts about the oceans and water that may be new to you:

The total amount of water present on Earth is fixed and does not change. Powered by the sun, water continually circulates between the oceans, the atmosphere and land. This circulation and conservation of Earth’s water, known as the water cycle, is a crucial component of our weather and climate.

Earth’s water is always in movement. Water changes states between liquid, vapor and ice. These processes happen in the blink of an eye or over millions of years. Today, about 71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water. But a few billion years ago, there may have been little to no surface land visible at all.

Water on Earth Facts

Oceans fact source: https://earthsky.org/earth/ancient-earth-water-world-global-ocean-harvard/

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