by Dawn King    The most important part of being human is learning to love, and letting unconditional love be the driving intention of our lives. Why is this? It’s because the driving intention of the Universe is Love. The more we can emulate this Source of all that exists, the closer we are to being one with that Source. Why do we want to be one with that Source? Because it is the greatest advancement we can make as humans, and produces our greatest joy and fulfillment.

Humans are born with the ability to develop the ego to illumination. What does that mean? The ego is a tool we have that can help us. However it’s highest state is its recognition of the Source of all, and its identification with this Source while surrendering to the wellspring of unconditional love.

How can I learn to love to this ultimate point? And why isn’t it an automatic part of life? To answer the second question: We are born into this life with a challenge—“See what you can do with this set of circumstances, and with this personality.” Each of us is given the task of bringing our own personal journey to its greatest achievement. There are conscious steps we can take each day in order to fulfill our “love and life mission.”

1.  Set your intention on growing to feel and extend to others more unconditional love. Just as the Sun shines on all unconditionally each day, we can love without discrimination or judgement. Each soul is valued equally in the heart and view of Source.

2.  Respect all living things; respect everything you encounter during your day; respect the Earth which is sustaining us all.

3.  Put on the attitude of being helpful and giving. Even offering a smile is an act of giving, and one that can make the day of a total stranger. “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

4.  Share yourself; your time, efforts, and caring without consideration of what you will get out of it. Be there for another, for your community, and take time to appreciate the many blessings filling your life.

5.  Forgive! As you open yourself to unconditional love, revelations will come to you giving you understanding of other’s motives and compassion for them.

6.  Ask Source to open your heart and mind to experience love; this can be done during sincere prayer or as the focus of meditation. Our prayers never go unanswered. An old adage from India says Delay is not denial.”

7.  Know that you are never alone. Love surrounds you and is ever offering guidance to you. The more we embrace and accept this ever present offering of love from Source, the more we become aware of it. It protects us and leads us, if we let it. Follow the instructions of Intuition!

8.  “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi  This lifetime is for our spirit’s education and healing. We are not guaranteed any more time than is absolutely necessary. Make the most of every day.

9.  Make positive choices to the best of your ability. We are given choices to help us grow. Know that you will be quickly shown if your choice was not a correct one, and you will have the ability to change direction. Be humble, but love boldly. “For magic to happen in your life, you must believe in magic” – Lynn Andrews

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