About Sunburst

Sunburst is a global community of light workers, as well as an intentional cooperative community, headquartered at Sunburst Sanctuary on California’s Central Coast. Our purpose is to create a fertile environment, within and without, that cultivates spiritual growth and nurtures each person’s direct experience of the Divine. This is the journey of Self-realization!

We facilitate spiritual education and support through workshops, retreats, Sunday meditation gatherings, kirtan, and farm stay karma yoga programs. We also offer classes in the universal teachings of yoga. This includes Kriya Yoga meditation the science of uniting the individual soul with the Infinite Spirit.

In accordance with our mission, Sunburst is also passionate about exploring, implementing and sharing principles of regenerative Earth stewardship through permaculture and organic farming.

Be part of building a thriving future for our planet! Click here for details on this year’s schedule of events and programs.

Discover soul-awakening teachings and life practice. Enjoy the blessings of spiritual camaraderie. Welcome!


To seek to know, by direct personal experience, the Infinite Being of eternal existence, pure consciousness and ever-new bliss. This is Self-realization!

To create inner and outer environments that encourage and cultivate Self-realization individually, collectively, and globally.

To offer love and energy to others and to the Divine through selfless service.

To embrace the timeless codes of virtue and paths of conscious living.

To recognize and study the sacredness of Mother Nature.

To use the gifts of imagination and will to design regenerative solutions, and become true caretakers of the Earth-garden.

To honor the truths underlying all wisdom traditions, and to embrace opportunities to share the teachings of Self-realization with those who seek to know their own true nature.

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