About Sunburst

Founded in 1969, Sunburst is a global community of light workers, as well as an intentional cooperative community, with headquarters at Sunburst Sanctuary, a beautiful slice of paradise on California’s Central Coast. Our purpose is to create a fertile environment, within and without, that cultivates spiritual growth and nurtures each person’s direct experience of the Divine. This is the journey of Self-realization!

We facilitate spiritual education and support through workshops, retreats, our Sunday services, devotional song circles, live-in karma yoga programs, as well as classes and initiations in the universal science of Kriya Yoga: the science of uniting the soul with the Infinite Spirit.

In accordance with our mission, Sunburst is also passionate about exploring and implementing principles of sustainable Earth stewardship through permaculture and organic gardening. You are invited to join in educational workshops, and be a part of building a thriving future for our planet.

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Discover soul-awakening teachings and life practice. Enjoy the blessings of spiritual camaraderie wherever you are. Welcome!

Enjoy this Tribute to the Life of Norman Paulsen, and find out more about Sunburst’s roots and history.


We seek to know by direct experience…

…The Infinite Being of eternal existence, consciousness and bliss: our divine Mother-Father, I Am That I Am.

…Divine Mother-Father’s first creation of light, the living Spirit that upholds the universe every microsecond of time.

…The pure Self, the divine seed of I Am That I Am deep within each soul.

Our practices are…

…To cultivate Self-realization; to know who we truly are, that I Am That I Am may awaken within us fully conscious.

…To offer love and energy to others and to the Divine through selfless service.

…To live in mindfulness, practicing the timeless codes of the Twelve Virtues and walking the Eightfold Path.

…To meditate daily upon the divine Presence.

…To embrace opportunities to disseminate the soul-liberating teachings and life practice with all who seek to know their own true nature.