by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  The nature of the universe is love—unconditional, unending. We think we lose loved ones, that’s an illusion. We find them again in the future. This was all wrought not that you suffer, but that you joyfully exist in it; to realize how wonderful, how thrilling it is to be in your body, this great atomic structure produced by light and consciousness.

Yes, who created us? Who sustains us? Who keeps all those electrons in obedient orbit? I Am That I Am does! It is dreaming, through our self-conscious minds, that it is you and me and everyone else. But when it wakes up into Christ consciousness, it knows who it really is.

Think of what life would be if everyone was fully conscious of I Am That I Am within themselves. That is why we pray and meditate—to know and speak with our Creator face to face.

If people’s lives could be changed just by hearing the truth, the whole world would now have salvation. Humanity has been preached to for over 2,000 years, and yet many have not changed their lives. It won’t do any good for any of us to be preachers. We must be demonstrators, overcoming the world as Christed Jesus did, and as he continually asks us all to do.

Yes, everything we accomplish here in our lives is automatically broadcast to everyone on this planet. They’ll receive it in their dreams, and their subconscious mind, in their inspiration and their intuition. Every obstacle anyone overcomes for the sake of Christ consciousness will be felt by everyone on this planet; that’s how it is.

Therefore, the true preaching means living the spiritually conscious life ourselves to the best of our ability today and every day. When you accomplish this, the world will change around you. In short, we have to live a spiritual life completely and totally in action, in all aspects. Let this be our mission. 

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