by Norman Paulsen •

Where have we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going when we leave? Are there any real answers to these questions? We have our scriptures from the past to turn to, the words of men and women who have attained states of consciousness called illumination, enlightenment, God-realization, Self-realization.

We can read, we can hear, and we can try to believe. But we are the ones, right at this moment, who are faced with ourselves and what we are doing with our lives. What really is going to happen to us when we leave here to face eternity, that great beyond of which we know so little?

We want to believe that God is alive, hears our prayers and is somehow going to attend to us on that moment when we take our last breath. We spend our lives pursuing our desires, raising our families, addressing the many demands of life. But why are we here today in these bodies, on this planet? Why did Divine Spirit create all that we see?

Evolution on this planet has brought us to this day, beginning ages ago when the evolved animal forms moved into simple consciousness and finally into self-consciousness. Humankind now stands on the threshold of Cosmic consciousness, Chirst consciousness, Illumination. The human brain is now opening up into the higher brain. The upper reaches of this higher brain have been for the most part unused. Yet, the Divine has fashioned this sacred place within our bodies so that it can enter and be fully conscious in us.

The Creator, our Divine Mother and Father want to walk on the worlds they projected and created. They can do so within these bodies we find ourselves in today. The Divine set forth to create an existence for itself on this world, destined to become fully conscious within each one of us.

Our amazing higher brain will allow us access to the sixth sense, the Christ sense, the Cosmic sense, the knowledge of the whole cosmos. It is inner-dimensionally connected to the very beginning of this creation, to the first Light that was created: “Let there be Light!” We are the offspring of this light, I Am That I Am. We are the encapsulation of the whole creation. It exists within each one of us inner-dimensionally.

There is no place to go “out there.” There is a place to go within yourself, to the Light that created you and is manifesting you today. We have the ability and the tools to see our Creator face to face within ourselves—to receive that Divine knowledge and guidance, that true wisdom, peace, and love.

I feel we are now entering an age on this planet where meditation tools will be given to the people—not only statements from a pulpit and promises that may or may not happen. I believe in a meditation tool that, if practiced faithfully with love and devotion for God, will give each individual the ability to go within themselves and meet the Divine face to face. You don’t have to go anywhere, it’s all right within you. The whole creation is right within you.


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