by Valerie Joy King 

What wind blows through my soul
Causes my heart to kindle in flame?
Who waits in the darkened silence
To greet me on my journey home again?

Oh Ancient Ones, you carry the Light so true
You carry my soul all the way home.
In winged flight, this falcon knows no rest
But to see Him, but to know Him.

Oh my Father, you wee there
When the foundations of Sun and Earth were laid.
As wind and flame gathered in spiral dance
Moving closer and closer in divine union
The great pressure and friction bore fruit.

The spark was kindled!
In an explosion of light and consciousness
Another Sun of God was born
As you watched with hoary gaze
Oh my Father, Ancient of days.

You speak:
I am the Son of the Sun
I am the Divine Command of the Most High
I carry the energy and vibration of the eternal deep
I am the unmanifest God
As He begins His journey into Creation.

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