by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  With the consistent practice of meditation, contemplation and prayer, the existence of the divine Presence within you begins to unfold. You will eventually be able to identify the light that Jesus spoke of, shining behind the darkness of closed eyes.

This light is from another universe existing within the structure of our own dimension. Here, other suns shine and blue skies reflect upon the waters. This is a living universe that watches us more than we are able to watch and comprehend it.

Our physical bodies seem solid but, in the light of present scientific discoveries, exist as a sea of highly intelligent subatomic particles not unlike swarms of bees set about building honeycombs. These divine and highly intelligent particles of light and energy continually build the structures of creation and everything we see!

These subatomic particles can be seen and known by the meditating adept. They are the body of Christ consciousness. They are as bright as any sun we see. They create suns and galaxies in this dimension. If we seek to know God, we will surely see them in our meditations. They will shape our bodies in the next dimension as we leave this present one behind in death’s transition.

Through your belief in these sacred forces that are continually creating you, the doctrine of sin and the burden of guilt vanish, and you begin to move into the light of Self-realization. Your love becomes divine, and your soul creates an unbreakable bond with the pure Self within, unleashing your healing and creative powers: the ability to create, project, and materialize your own images into the future.

As you put on your true spiritual nature, the pure Self, you will recognize the knowledge which has always been there and you have seen it not.

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