by Norman Paulsen    Behind the veil of my expression of love, I search for thee whom I hold most dear. Beyond thoughts, beyond time, beyond mind, I strain to touch thee, to embrace thee in the silence of my being.

Within the center of my soul as I listen, I can hear you; I can feel your presence, your hands of energy upon me. At times I can see you, that great brilliance, that blazing inner sun, your face!

The pulsating hum of your sacred forces moves through every cell of my being. I know I am a child of your consciousness and energy. I know I am a part of you, even as once you called me your own.

Yes, there is nowhere thou dost not exist. It is you in all creation: in the plants, the animals, the suns, the galaxies, and most of all it is you in me, dreaming you are me. Oh Father-Mother, my life here is of such short duration; help me not to waste it in idle, self-conscious desires.

May each of us, your children, fully realize we are infinite like you. Our earthly bodies are but a dream, existing but a moment in your eternity. Our souls are a reflection of yours—yes, immortal, created to reside in the kingdom of heaven with all illumined beings.

We are your family, Mother-Father, yours sons and daughters returning. Help us not to forget thee. You are the mighty dreamer, dreaming the images of all of us and all which we see. Reveal to us Your face, brilliant like the sun.

Give to us cosmic awareness—the awareness that the great sphere of creation, with all images contained therein, is your visible body. Each one of us is but a dream of thee. We feel you. We know it is true.

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