by Jake Collier  •  We refer to life here as being part of the show. In this great show that goes on every microsecond of time, there are heroes and villains, there’s drama and action, and there’s sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles. When we go to a movie, we always find ourselves rooting for the hero to overcome the obstacles, to defeat the villain, and to have a happy ending. 

Our life here, our journey, is being witnessed not only by God, but by all those beings that have walked this path before us, who were able to defeat the villain, overcome the obstacles, and attain eternal life. These spirits exist; they are around us all the time. Sometimes they appear to us; sometimes they are called angels. They are all rooting for us, that we too can stay the course and never give up in our quest to realize our oneness with our Creator. They are here to help and encourage us; and if we call upon them, they will come. 

Truth must be experienced, must be understood on a cellular level, and we can do this by calming the mind, stilling the body, and going into a deep meditation every morning and every evening. This process will help us all evolve and overcome any obstacles that are in our way. It will give us the strength and courage to greet each day with a smile. It will also help us treat others like we would like to be treated, to be kind and love others like we would wish to be loved.

O heavenly Father, thank you for being with us this day and every day.
Instill in us a deep commitment to seek true understanding,
to love one another and to dedicate our lives to finding you,
gazing upon your face and hearing your voice. Amen. 


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