by Dawn King    We receive physical rain in season, a great blessing on our earth, but daily we also receive Spiritual rains of divine love gently falling on us to soothe us, to heal us. There are so many hidden things in our world, things we don’t hear or see but which ARE taking place and existing around us. 

At one point there was an article in many publications about scientists exploring the inaudible rumble and vibration that is on the surface of our planet. It’s inaudible to us but so pervasive that if it was audible it would drown out all the normal sounds that we experience with our ears. And just as the Earth vibrates with an inaudible hum, as scientists have called it, so too we each hum with an inaudible sound that expresses our vibration.  

We not only have these bodies to experience and express through, but we each have an aura about us, a sea of emotions, thoughts, habits, and life force. Some psychics can see this aura and some of its content. When I was studying a lot of astrology charts, a healer I know could see the chart form I used floating in my aura. She described it to me, much to my surprise. 

This personal sea and what is in it is moderated by each of us, consciously or unconsciously. It is our own little environment, our own atmosphere. We might question if it’s becoming polluted, or if it’s healthy. Each day we have an opportunity to address what causes us pain, unhappiness, and suffering. To be conscious of what these are, what might make us ill, we must make an effort to be vigilant, to observe ourselves, our habits and our thought processes, to observe ourselves as we act, think and speak. This is introspection.

Meditation is very powerfully helpful; it can lead and guide us forward. In meditation we let go of our busy worldly thoughts and desires, our negative feelings. Through Kriya meditation we can dissolve the karmas lodged within our auras and chakras affecting our bodies. We can dive deep into the healing waters of Spirit. We turn our attention inward to see, hear, feel, and taste the Divine in the depth of our spirits. This is our super power. Through our wisdom guided willpower, we then have the strength to make the needed changes in our attitudes, thoughts, and actions.  

What am I doing? What effect is it having on me? Am I reacting to people and things around me, or am I consciously acting from a point centered in Universal consciousness? Even background thoughts and attitudes can become habitual. “Oh, I’ll do that later…Oh, that person doesn’t look like my type; I’m not going to like them.” 

We probably have habitual ways of thinking, acting, and reacting even to the foods we eat or choose. These actually become groves in our aura, easier and easier to repeat, easily becoming a habit for good or ill. It takes determined, and persevering conscious willpower to change, but prayer and meditation can help. Ask the universe and the angels for help, that you might become the shining happy person that you know you can be, the loving giving person who has so much to offer during this troubled time on our planet. 

Meditation and introspection increase our awareness of what we need to change in ourselves, of how we are being self-destructive. We can have helpful revelations about ourselves—really see ourselves—and the steps we need to take to enjoy life more, and to be better attuned to Universal love and laws. 

It is a wonderful thing to truly embody and experience the Creator’s love and light, our source. My prayer for you today is that you and I can let go of our moods, our bad habits, even the little things that do not serve us. Little negative thought habits can clutter our auras, muddy our thinking, and hold us back. We want more light, love, and joy in our lives, and we want to share this with others in greater abundance.

During our meditations, and whenever we can think to do so, let us ask Spirit to inspire us in how to move forward and improve ourselves. In the silence when we are listening for an answer, our reward will be feeling the Divine’s tremendous love for us. We will soon know how to move forward, and have the strength and resolve to do so. 

Most loving Mother-Father Divine, let us rejoice in this beautiful life, this wonderful opportunity to know You, and to dance upon the Earth sharing your love, sharing the beauty you have created here. Let us never forget that this moment, NOW, is all we have. Amen

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