by Michele Pike    Some years ago, I had an experience that profoundly changed my life for the better. I was living on a kibbutz of about 100 people. A good friend and I were about to harvest ripe tomatoes from a small organic garden we tended together. It was early morning in a desert valley on the border of Israel and Jordan.

Alon, my friend, suggested that we meditate together to thank the tomatoes for giving us their fruit. Having no idea of any technique for meditation, I just sat quietly in between the rows of plants with my eyes closed. I tried to think of nothing. The sun was just peeking over the red Jordanian hills and shining warmly on my eyelids.

All of a sudden, I heard and felt something completely out of the ordinary. The garden was singing! Each individual plant has its own unique voice and together they held the same angelic-sounding note in a chorus of praise to the rising sun. Their song was one of immense joy and gratitude to the sun and for the opportunity of being alive.

I was awestruck for a brief moment, then flooded with that same ecstasy and gratitude. I felt so much a part of that choir, so full of love and a desire to give with joy. Then, just as suddenly, it was over and I was left with a curiosity about what had happened.

by Paramahansa Yogananda    Indifference is the worst of all moods. Remind yourself that you are not your own creator; God created you, and He is running this universe for you. Whatever your work, do it enthusiastically for Him. Busy yourself in creative activities for He has given you infinite power.

Free yourself from moodiness! It is the brakes on the wheels of your progress.

Every morning, remind yourself that you are God’s child, and that no matter what the difficulties, you have the power to overcome them. Heir to the cosmic power of Spirit, you are more dangerous than danger!

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