by Trish Dunham    Millions of people all over the world have had experiences with the Light in the form of near-death experiences, due to serious illness or accident. Often the person sees and enters a tunnel, leading to a brilliant Being of Light, who loves them unconditionally. An intensely personal encounter with divinity ensues, and then, the patient finds himself back in the hospital room, or at the scene of the accident.

We all long for that kind of love. We unconsciously long to reunite with the most brilliant, radiant Light, personal and sweet. You can have this experience without the pain and trauma of nearly dying.

I had an experience of the inner-dimensional tunnel without going through near-death. I was meditating while facing the morning sun, sitting above a gently gurgling creek. After some time, I blasted myself with effort and briefly lost normal consciousness.

My head seemed transparent, not there. Where it should have been, there was a glowing sun. I watched it in awe. The cells of my body began rising into the sun. In pairs they came to the center line of my body and rose upward in the joy of expectation. Although it sounds odd, they were gaily shouting and laughing their extreme joy at making this journey at last, of going home, of regaining that which they had lost—their brightness, their birthright. Like children in line, they were ribbing each other, carousing in playful delight.

Shortly after I had this experience, I found myself gazing at a painting done by the late Hopi chief, White Bear. It was the Hopi symbol for the sun. My eye was attracted to small black lines, like dashes, that ran up the center line of the painting. With a jolt, I understood what they meant. They are the cells moving up the center of the being. How many times had I heard Sunburst’s founder Norm say, “The spine is like a hollow tube.…Inner-dimensionally, it’s the tunnel seen in near-death experiences.”

It’s one big hologram! Seek and you shall find. You can fly through the tunnel to eternity by your own effort, and to the eternal delight of the universe of yourself.

Has this experience somehow miraculously transformed me into a perfect vessel of virtue? Far from it. It gave me hope. It told me my path is a true one. It refreshed my soul.

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