The founder of Sunburst, Norman Paulsen, was born on February 3. His wife and successor, Patty Paulsen, wrote:

Happy Birthday Norm! It’s hard to believe so many years have passed since you left your earthly body, but I know you are ever-present, for there is nowhere love is not. Love cannot separate itself from life, for it is life.

You exist in the here and now. At this very moment you are present, ready and willing to be of help to all who ask. Yes, as a bodhisattva you are here, existing in the energy field of life, love, light and pure consciousness, so alive and so available as one of the immortal Builders! Yes, you simply are Presence, non-judging, ever-loving, ever-new joy.

In utmost gratitude we thank you for your perseverance, wisdom and great humility in helping us establish a strong intent to reach the goal of liberation, Self-realization, amongst the fellowship of Sunburst. May we continue to keep our focus on the goal, enjoy the journey, be of service, and caringly hand this gift down through generations of youth, as you handed it to us when we eagerly asked you to teach us how to meditate and find God.

The mind pulls us into the past and grasps for desires of the future, but God’s dream unfolds in the present. Both past and future give us inspiration for our efforts today. Your legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of those who seek to feel, know and see their Eternal Beloved, Divine Mother and Father, face to face living and breathing in us here and now.

Norman Paulsen wrote: Love is the keelson of the vessel named “Virtue”. We must sail this ship on our journey homeward. The Christ Light is the polestar to navigate by. Right living is the wind in our sails. Desire is the compass. And our willpower is the wheel to stay the course.

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