• by Mary Thatcher (at age 14)
As I bow my head in silent prayer
I feel within me, God is near.
     I pray that in some small way
     I can be of service for Him/Her today.

Perhaps a kind word, nod, or smile
Will make someone’s life more worthwhile.
When others smile or nod to to me,
It’s God’s joy on their face I see.
It’s the answer to my silent prayer
     To see this joy, and feel within me
     God is near.

She knows my thoughts and sees my deeds.
He knows my wants and fulfills my needs.
She shares my joy and will ease my pain,
He’s in the sunshine and in the rain.
In fact, my God’s in everything!
     Now as I bow my head in silent prayer,
     I know within me God is here.

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