•  by Dawn King  •  We have each been given an amazing physical vehicle through which to operate in this dimension—in this life. How little thought and care we each give to our body. Yet it continues to serve us as best it can every day.

No matter how educated we are, you and I don’t totally understand how this body works, or how the cells communicate and function. If we contemplate it at all, we realize what a miracle it is. We have senses that put us in touch with our surroundings, including other humans. We have organs that keep the body functioning, and we have a brain that allows us to be conscious of all of this.

Unless I am a professional athlete, or dealing with extreme disease or disability, I have little conscious input into what my body is doing every moment; yet I know my thoughts and emotions affect it. Science tells me this, as well as the value of meditation for promoting the good health of my body and mind.

Science is also finding that the basic building blocks of life (of DNA and RNA) are found in comets, and thus throughout the universe. On a microbiological level, we have explored only about 1% of the viruses that exist.

“Viruses are the most numerous organisms on earth. While we are thought to have roughly the same number of bacterial cells as human cells in our body (around 37 trillion), we probably have at least 10 times as many virus particles again. Many of these viruses are involved in essential bodily processes, forming part of our inner ecosystem. It’s probably safe to say we couldn’t survive for long if they all disappeared.” – Tom Oliver, “Science Focus”

Recently, it dawned on me that I needed to be more appreciative of every cell in my physical body. I am blessed with good health; all my bodily cells seem to be humming along in harmony, despite my lack of attention, and even my dumb abuse. I took a few moments to try to thank each bodily cell for the great job it is doing. It felt good, a psychic hug of love and thanks.

Even if you’re not well, I think this would be a good practice, and could improve your health. Our cells work hard every moment trying to maintain normalcy. And how wonderful that most of us have a collection of bodily cells that is trying to work together for the good of the whole—not at odds with each other. Let’s stop and give our body, and each of its cells a mental hug, a conscious deep appreciation.

Meanwhile, we are challenged to realize that our true Self is Spirit, beyond body and mind. In deep meditation and near-death experiences, one comes to this understanding: the immortality of the soul, and the Love which created it and the whole of creation. It’s all amazing!

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