Life, Love, God: Story of A Soul Traveler, by Norman Paulsen

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Read the fascinating story of an American yogi’s lifelong journey of Self-realization and pursuit of oneness with God.

In this heartfelt autobiography, Norman Paulsen, Sunburst founder and direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, reveals the message that everyone has the potential to experience God, and satisfy the deepest longings of their soul. He shares many personal and transforming experiences, received both through meditation and by grace.

Enjoy the childhood stories that awakened his imagination and inspired his quest. Relive the magical years in the ashram with Yogananda. Read about the joys and trials of building Sunburst, a spiritual community that continues today.

“This book launched me onto a path of rapid spiritual growth that brought immense changes…and a new understanding of my purpose and place in the world. To read this book is to be immersed, as Norm was, in the light of the divine Love.” – Amanda Lambert

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