& the Power of Visualization and Prayer   •  All of California was in such a bad drought, reservoirs and creeks near empty, and just about everyone was visualizing and hoping for rain,… and rain we got all at once!!! 

“Why?” we might ask, “Why do these things happen?” We could certainly be asking this about the flood that gushed through so many parts of California, including Sunburst’s sanctuary on January 9th. The property received over 10 inches of rain in less than 24 hours—this after waves of previous rainy days had saturated the ground. The hills funneled their moisture into the valley, which long ago had been a river valley. The little creek that now gushed with water and damming debris quickly overflowed its banks. Water found its way to any area downstream, and at lower elevation. Never mind that this was a parking lot and garden. The water swept into, onto, and through it all, including parts of our lodge building

We had prepared for this event, not knowing what the magnitude would be. A team had come together to put the area around the event center in order, clearing leaves and branches, and putting out sandbags. This kind of teamwork is a hallmark of Sunburst, the can-do spirit upon which the community was built and has persevered through adversities for over 50 years. People coming together for a positive common cause is a beautiful thing. All spirits are lifted, and the benefic grace of the Universe is magnetically drawn to assist. 

Communications were heightened after our preparations. A text message read:
“A big ‘Thank You!’ to the volunteers that came out to Sunburst to help with preparations for this weekend’s coming rain. (left to right Paul, Robert, Mark, Judi, Justin Lela, April, Curtis, and not shown: Chad). Such a blessing! With much gratitude!”
Storm Prep Team

Another responded: “It feels really good to see everyone stepping up, working together joyfully for common goals and being their best; that’s what I call practicing what we preach!”

But, the storm came full bore. Now a new wave of “Spirit in Action” has been cleaning up. The glue of Sunburst is our common desire to do good in the world, which includes Self-realization (realization of our highest Self). With our attitude of gratitude, we appreciate the end of an extreme drought, and face the day with the tasks it requires of us. Together we are stronger.
We are incredibly grateful for this land Spirit blessed us with, and for receiving the strength, quick response and backing from all who help maintain it, for the benefit of all beings.

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