•  by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  I said: Lord, speak to me of rebirth. Tell me of its meaning. What takes place within me? Why is it necessary? Where did I come from? Where shall I go? Have I always been, and shall I always be? Will you be near or far from me? At times I see you, and at times I don’t. Come closer, Lord, converse with me. Whisper to me of immortal life; I see surely that it was for all of us.

We feel your presence as the wind through a tree; softly, Lord, you’re caressing me. I believe, and I see, it’s you in all, and all in thee. One we are, and one we be, all together now eternally.

Most sweet God, let me drink from the eternal spring. Let me not wither and die. Let me feel as it was before. Mother divine, you comfort me. From your womb I came into this world to be. Mother divine, I love thee! I know you, Mother and Father, are both present now in every face. I see you now. Our toil and our tears are not in vain; you know our plight. With all my might I reach for thee, with all my will. Oh strengthen me, that I may stand forth as a son to thee a daughter there, as we used to be.

I Am That I Am, the name of the most high, Mother-Father Creator, the godhead, the two in one, made one in three. From all the rest came you and me. I Am That I Am is your shield and your strength. Call on his name. I Am That I Am are the magical words all the spirits in eternity heard. All kneel down, pause and listen; whenever I Am has come, they listen. He dwells in us; She dwells in us. The two together conceive the child, the true you, the true me, the true image. It’s immortal.

Seek it diligently. The most prized possession in all the creation, the thing most sought after by all beings is the reflected image of I Am That I Am, whose face blazes forth like the eternal Sun; his visage so brilliant, one feels consumed at a mere glance of it. Do we dare to look upon his face? we dare if we seek his place, our true home, I Am That I Am. He and She bring forth the worlds and all images; each one of us is a part of I Am That I Am.

Father, Mother, we feel your presence alighting on the crowns of our heads like the soft touch of a dove’s wing. Move into our tree of life, Mother-Father; nourish us. Lead us to our rebirth and our growth, and the vision of the eternal heavens, the abode of all your children, sons and daughters, immortal ones filled with love, divine ecstasy, joy, security.

Exhilaration for every moment that moves in eternity, we ride on waves of your consciousness, the eternal cosmic sea. Grant us the vision of your immortal spiritual Sun, your first born, the Light of creation. Once seen, we are baptized in the fire of your life, your presence. Amen.

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