“A lesson will repeat itself until you learn it.” – Anonymous  •  

An Invitation to Introspection

From ancient Babylonian times, some Semitic societies have observed a time of repentance during the harvest season. It’s a time to search one’s heart and draw closer to God. For a month the shofar, a ram’s horn is blown each morning to awaken our spirits, inspiring us to search our souls, to ask for and grant forgiveness. This is also a time to visit the graves of loved ones, and to reflect on what we may reap from our past actions.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” – Wayne Dyer

Rosh Hashanah

Can you believe it? Another New Year Celebration! This one is called Rosh Hashanah, celebrated this year on September 7. It begins the Jewish New Year, and a new moon, a new lunar month and year. In the area of ancient Egypt, with Semitic agricultural societies (mainly Jews and Arabs) this time of year marked a new beginning.

Last month our blog noted the Islamic version of this celebration with our article on compassion (August 9). Rosh Hashanah reminds us to be grateful, to be humble before our Creator, to forgive, and to realize there are consequences for our actions.

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

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