Craig Hanson is a long-time Sunburst resident and ardent meditator. His love and knowledge of sacred geometry can be seen in the beautiful design of Sunburst structures as well as in many of the diagrams gracing the walls of the Sunburst lodge.

Craig Hanson

Occasionally Craig has taught wonderful and inspiring workshops for all those interested in the study of Nature’s cosmic blueprint, including the golden proportion, phi, and sacred spirals. The ancient keyhole door symbol, which embodies many of the Sunburst teachings, is based upon these sacred geometric principals. Craig’s next Sacred Geometry Workshop is on May 26th; it will be a unique opportunity to learn more about Nature and the Divine Mind.

Many years ago Craig read Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. This inspired him to find a spiritual teacher of his own who would instruct him in meditation and a way of life that felt harmonious to his spirit. He was guided to Sunburst’s early community high in the mountains above Santa Barbara. There he met his teacher Norman Paulsen, and a group of other spiritual seekers who shared in his love of Spirit.

Craig at Sacred Geometry



On Saturday, May 26, 2 – 4 p.m. and  7-8:30 p.m., Craig will be teaching his popular “Sacred Geometry Workshop” where explore the common patterns present in nature, and understand how we are all One.




Craig lovingly tends to the rose garden.

Craig with roses

During his years in the Sunburst Community, Craig has become an expert carpenter, artist, and landscaper. Just ask anyone enjoying the countless works of art, including refinished furniture, and landscape projects, which were lovingly created by Craig.

His love of creativity has led him into many new endeavors such as sign making, book research and writing, and more recently the completion of beautiful oil paintings depicting the surrounding hills and nearby ocean waves. He can also be found almost every Sunday leading nature hikes on the Sunburst Sanctuary.

Craig’s love of nature inspires his artwork, such at this beautiful painting of ocean waves.

Craig Hanson painting

When asked what Sunburst teachings have done for him, Craig replies; “The teachings for me are like a blueprint, a framework upon which to weave the creative spirit within. The living teachings of the great Solar Logos pour down upon our heads. Through my meditations, I have seen and felt this Light. Sunburst is a star, joining other stars in a network bringing healing energy to our Earth garden.”

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