by Valerie Joy King    In New Mexico, there was a terrible drought. The earth was parched and cracked; all the plants were dying. The situation had become desperate. Finally the local people asked an old Hopi man named David to help them  pray for rain. The next day the rain came, and afterwards people asked him how it had happened.

David answered, “I didn’t pray FOR rain. I prayed RAIN.”

His technique was to first ground himself very deeply in the consciousness of Spirit. Perhaps he used a technique similar to Sunburst’s Kriya meditation. Then he used his imagination to picture the rain. He saw himself outside with heavy dark clouds above. He felt his skin and hair wet with raindrops. He felt the earth and plants drinking deep draughts of water. Mud oozed between his toes. He was dancing with joy—all of this during his meditation, and in his imagination. He also was expressing deep thankfulness for the experience.

When I heard this story, I understood more clearly that positive projection is really the same thing as true prayer. Whether or not we use words to pray, the essence of prayer is the energy we put forth. Vivid images help us put forth the energy more strongly. Like the waters from the rain clouds, you can imagine the radiant health, peace, and abundance of Spirit pouring onto your loved ones, and upon the Earth itself.

It is said that if you can reach deeply into the Divine, then use your vivid imagination, whatever you imagine MUST come to pass; so be certain it’s positive. It comes to pass because it has already happened in the consciousness of Spirit. I Am That I Am truly lives within us; this is the same being who created the entire universe and beyond. This strength is available for each of us. It is not by the power of our own small self, but by the strength and power of Spirit within us that we can imagine, and project, and be thankful.

Reflecting on this, I was reminded of what a powerful healing prayer our meditation technique is. In meditation we are visualizing and moving the living white light all through our bodies and spirits. With every breath we are actually energizing the thought and image that illumination is infusing every cell of our being; there is no separation between us and our Creator. The stronger my imagination becomes, the more I will radiate that light and all its beauty. What greater service can we offer than bringing the balance and radiance of deep peace and joy to our suffering world?

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