by Dawn King

Silence pervades the room where we sit together in morning meditation. Outwardly, there seems to be nothing moving, but my inner senses inform me differently. We are not alone. This is not a surprise in the temple at Sunburst Sanctuary, where meditation has taken place daily for many years, and amidst a group whose individuals have been meditating deeply for up to 50 years.

On this particular morning, a Friday, we will not verbally be speaking the names in our prayer circle, though they are still acknowledged and reverberating in the ethers. What did surprise me today, was seeing a number of spirits moving through the room offering healing to those of us in attendance. I will call them angels, for lack of more information, and I feel blessed to have seen and experienced them. My joy was to have a smiling etheric face come close to mine and plant a kiss upon my cheek. Remembering this kiss, I have to smile, myself. What a blessing!

Every weekday morning, people show up at the Sunburst Sanctuary temple for meditation from 6:30 to 7 a.m.. Some days, no sound vibrates in the room until the ending bell. Some days we are led in a beautiful prayer, or treated to inspiring spoken words. Three days a week, we verbally acknowledge those in our prayer circle. Join us, in person or in Spirit as we meditate. You will be glad that you did.


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