by Dawn King  •  Sometimes I’ve felt very isolated. At others I’ve experienced spiritual drought. That’s when I just have to keep on keeping on, one foot in front of the other. Showing up is 99% of success—I must show up every day for meditation, that communion with God. It’s important throughout my day to remember that Spirit is in everything, and everyone, offering assistance and helpful messages. It’s up to me to recognize and accept them.

It’s encouraging to recognize the endless bounty of blessings we have, including our Creator’s unconditional love. Many great souls have gone beyond this life, but they’re still with us in spirit, always rooting for us and trying to remind us to do the right thing. They’re with us energetically, countless helpful spirits, if we invite them.

No one is really ever alone, and spiritual drought is a mental illusion. Let these thoughts be replaced by an attitude of expecting a miracle, because that’s what life is, every moment.

“The dignity of each soul is so great that from its birth it is given its own angel.” – Saint Jerome

Note: Sunburst Community continues to offer a Zoom connection to weekday group meditations.


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