by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder    All things move in parallels. Divine truths repeat themselves eternally. As creation was given birth, so was each one of us. The creation is macrocosmic; each of us is microcosmic; but essentially both are identical. Each son and daughter is a picture of the whole creation.

As we move within, we move without. That which was small becomes large. Even as each one of us came forth from the Divine, the ignition of creation has been expanding outward for billions of years. At some point in evolution, all will dissolve back into the invisible sea of Spirit, even as we are looking back and within towards God right now.

The predestined collapse of all upon its Source will take place; it will no longer be visible. So also for each one of us in reaching divine ecstasy, the walls of the body will fall away, yet still we live. Immortality is realized; security is found in divine Mother and Father’s presence. Once knowing them, how can we be fearful again? Our only fear should be that we might fail to fulfill their will.

Therefore we must endure through failure if it comes, realizing that defeat must give birth to victory, if we persevere. The indomitable will of the Divine has been given to each one of us to greater or lesser degree, depending upon our efforts and how much we desire it. God gives us his/her willpower and direction if we pray earnestly for it.

Hide not from your divine Parents. Be open to their presence every day. Confess to them your failures, and reaffirm with greater love, your determination to be successful in their eyes. Carry not the grief and guilt of failure, but give it to them. For each one of us must stand forth in our true image before them. We must be able to pray:

Father, Mother, many times I have failed, but many times I have tried again. I have done my best with what I have been given. Grant me mercy, strength and above all, pour into the vessel of my heart they great love, that I might offer it back to you. For here is the joy of life, a life worth living. Here, in the miracle of that love, let me be; just loving you, all that you are, all that I see.

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