by Dawn King    Each of the twelve astrological signs has a corresponding virtue. Western astrology’s Aries Sun illuminates us from March 21 (Spring Equinox) through April 19th. Aries is considered to be the first or beginning sign of the zodiac. The virtue for Aries is Loyalty. The purest essence of loyalty is unfailing devotion to the pure Self, the image of the Creator within each of our souls. 

How do we connect with our Creator, or hear Spirit’s voice so we can be devoted, and do Spirit’s will? The key is in listening. Is there a way to enhance our ability to listen to Spirit? As we sit in meditation, our conscious breathing calms and settles the mind. We sit very relaxed, very open and receptive. We sit in the observer’s seat as a watcher, not a doer. A key to listening is entering that state in which we forget ourselves. We blend with the creation. We breathe and relax, becoming one with all life. Now we are still and can listen. Now we can receive. 

How God communicates with each one of us is different. For some there are visual images. Others hear audible words. There may be thought transference, feelings, or a combination of any of these various experiences. When you receive a divine message, it’s evident that you didn’t think up the experience. You had no preconceived notions or expectations of the message. It was spontaneous. Sometimes it’s startling, or gives you somewhat of a jolt.  

What about when we are not still and meditating? We need guidance most when we’re in the middle of a hectic day and there’s a lot to do. How do we listen then? If we can maintain a conscious listening and looking for Spirit’s communications, we will find them in our day-to-day experiences. Sometimes it comes through the spoken words of another person. Sometimes it’s a visual sign or an omen. For you it might be seeing a feather,  hearing a songbird, or the feeling of a hand touching you when no physical hand is there.

A famous story about omens among Indian astrologers is one of an esteemed astrologer who answered a particular client’s question without even looking at his astrology chart. Later, the astrologer was asked by a student who had observed the incident, “How did you know so quickly that this man would indeed prosper in the business endeavor he was enquiring about?” 

The astrologer was guru to the student and, as is common for Indian astrologers, he used omens as well as the day’s planetary placements for answering questions on the spot. “Look at the mangos!” he exclaimed. The client had brought a strikingly beautiful platter piled high with perfect mangos as an offering to the astrologer. 

We gain sensitivity to our inner and outer environments as we spend time in spiritual contemplation and meditation. When we are sufficiently detached from ego and the busy mind, we become aware of the many times divine messages are coming our way. These messages will keep repeating themselves until we learn to listen and actually hear the Divine. It is a tremendous blessing to be guided by our Creator, our most loving Mother and Father. Take the time to develop a personal relationship with the Divine. Nothing else is as comforting, or as fulfilling.

Feather Omen

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