by Sibylle Custer  •  Sometimes, after a fun recreation time with friends, I ask myself: “Why can I not live all my life like that?” We make a distinction between recreation and work. We attach different emotions to each of them. Recreation feels carefree, light and joyful. Work wears heavier on your mind.

Reading something that Gandhi said changed my perception, my attitude. At a time when Gandhi was at the peak of his public work for his country—working from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day—a reporter asked him: “You are such a busy man, when will you take a vacation?”

“I am always on vacation!” he responded.

His answer startled me. I had to put the book down and think about it. What if I lived my life as though I was always on an inner vacation, always recreating? I wondered: What causes the joyfulness and light-fullness of recreation?

Then I learned about people with microscopic vision, who can perceive the tiniest particles of matter. At the most infinitesimal level they find tiny dancing suns, each with threads of light swirling around its axis, threads of energy spiraling into it and around it—spinning it into existence.

All matter around us and within us, though seemingly solid and separate, consists of billions of these “sunny” particles. And we too, are kept in existence by light energy that swirls in two spirals down through the top of our heads, feeding us with life. God’s energy recreates us every microsecond. Let’s contemplate this awesome fact. Let us sit in meditation full of love and joy.

Gandhi meditated every night for three to four hours, and when the new day began he could go forth and re-create his world. We too can recreate our world, even if it’s in a smaller way. We can recreate our bodies by regular exercise for instance. We can recreate our schedules so they are less stressful. We can recreate the company we keep. Let us go forward performing all our activities with renewed and joyful life force, and a thankful heart.

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