Light on Sunburst Sanctuary  –  Spring Equinox  •  by Letha Kiddie  •  This year as we celebrated another spring equinox at the Sunburst Labyrinth, my thoughts turned to the deeper meaning of Equinoxes, a time of finding balance. It seems especially important this year, following an unprecedented year of forced changes in our lives (due to the pandemic) when everyone’s balance seems to be thrown off.

To me, equanimity is extremely important in times like these, having the ability to weather the storms without incurring too much damage on our emotional, mental and physical bodies. Self care is essential, as well as giving ourselves time to process the many changes and challenges that have taken place during this time.

What can we do to balance the emotions and exhaustion we may be feeling? First of all, just being an observer to our state of mind, body and emotions, can be helpful. Giving ourselves empathy and understanding, starts us on a path of healing.

Acknowledging the stresses in our lives and perhaps sharing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions with others is a good start. Taking time to walk or sit outside helps us to expand our awareness into the larger movements going on in nature, and it helps us see that we are all part of this grander scheme of life.

Balance is symbolic of Libra, which is opposite Aries. These two signs sit directly across the zodiac from each other. While Aries (the Ram) is a fiery, outward, expansive energy, Libra moves us and nature inward into fall (autumnal equinox). They are currently a dynamic dual influence.

And how interesting that the Northern Hemisphere experiences spring equinox at the same time the Southern Hemisphere experiences fall equinox. This is another example of the duality of the third dimension in which we live—something to ponder.

Our small world can feel so large and overwhelming, but we are just a wave on this ocean of life, and we are being carried along by this force we call Life/Love/God. May we all find balance and joy in this grand adventure of life!

Craig at Spring Sunrise



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