Story by Craig Hanson • Over sixty people followed Sunburst’s Winter Solstice winding path of renewal. Near the Temple, our Hopi labyrinth was aglow with three hundred colored lights in luminaria. Nearby, a warming fire greeted us.

For the Hopi this pattern represents the Divine Mother. Her arms truly opened before us, as we walked the path in silence toward the center. Releasing thoughts, allowing our Spirits to be renewed, we moved inward, surrounded by other souls taking this journey with us. Arriving at the center sanctuary, I felt at one with Spirit and all the travelers around me.

This year’s winter solstice event at Sunburst fell at the actual time of astronomical winter’s arrival on Saturday night. It was a very special moment to share. We are grateful that the offshore nourishing rains delayed their arrival until after midnight. Now we were fully ready for winter to begin, and for days to grow longer in a new solar year. Rain seen from Temple foyer Sunday morning:

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