•  by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  I Am That I Am, Mother-Father, will create us anew while yet we live, if we will allow, if we will remain steadfast, and if we but seek. One is afraid to die for fear of losing the body, but one, in seeing the pure Self becomes fearless; one in dying to the ego becomes immortal. This gift is what we seek; this is the gift to be administered.

To gaze upon the past is to look upon shadows. One thinks of reincarnation; it is comforting to think that reincarnation could be possible—that if we fail miserably in this life, another chance might be given. But to seek reincarnation is to read the wrong path, for reincarnation is itself an illusion. If one can see, feel and taste immortality, one does not need reincarnation. If one dreams of other lifetimes, are we sure that they are true? Can we prove it?

Those who have seen I Am That I Am all stress the fact that here and now this very moment and this very life that you have possession of, should be deemed extraordinary. It’s extraordinary to be alive here and now in these wonderful creations we call bodies; it’s more extraordinary to hear about eternal life, and that fact that it can be attained. Therefore, each one of us has one goal before us—that being its attainment.

The earthly life is short. All that you may desire in this world, having gained it, will not fulfill you, can never fill the great emptiness that can only be occupied by I Am That I Am. Why wouldn’t you then cast aside all desires, in hopes that you might gain this great thing called by Jesus “the pearl of great price,” that which cannot be bought, sold, or controlled.

You can become deluded, and think that ll those things which were not to be had, might now be had, and in so doing stop its growth, smother it, cut off its nourishment and be swept away by thoughts seeking to posses that which they have projected in the form of desire images. Once receiving it, realize that this is your moment, and only you can bring it forth to its full height and know its full purpose, for it speaks as the Christ; it acts as He.

All of those thoughts that surround you, which daily plague you, either good or bad, are not yours unless you receive them. In your daily offering, whether you are working, sitting, eating or playing, constantly give all you are, the god and the bad, to I Am That I Am. In your truthfulness and your sacrifice, he sees you and rewards you openly. By being honest and forthright you are forgiven, you are relieved. You are lifted up. If you persist in orbiting negative thoughts, you finally find yourself whirling away from the Source. Where do you go from here? Where did you come from? I Am That I Am takes a seat in the rear. He/She is not found in front, but behind. He is not only above, but below. She walks with you wherever you go.

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