•  A Prayer by Norman Paulsen  •  

Oh Divine Comforter,
No matter how difficult the path,
I know You have blessed me with the faculties
By which I am able to bear what comes to pass.

As I journey homeward,
Please hear my soul calling.
I will pursue You every moment of my conscious life.
I will forever persevere, Oh Spirit Divine,
To develop the willpower to never give up!
I must meet You face to face.
I must hold You in my arms,
If You will allow.

You are my Father;
You are my Birth Mother,
The Creator of my soul.
From You have I come forth into this world,
Into this sea of faces.

I look for You in every face, Oh Beloved.
Will You please come forth
And reveal Yourself to me
Somehow, somewhere, someday?

I will continue to pursue You
In every image and in every place,
Until I find You hiding
In the mirror image of my own face.

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