by Cayce Howe  •  I love thinking about joy and happiness, but it’s even better when we can move into a realm where we can experience the feeling of joy and the feeling of happiness. Paramahansa Yogananda once said, “If you possess happiness, you possess everything. To be happy, is to be in tune with God.” 

It is so often in this world that the external part of life does not give us too many reasons and opportunities to feel joy and happiness. Sometimes it even feels that there is little time to give ourselves that gift. 

In a book I read, the author suggested that we take three minutes and spend those three minutes complimenting ourselves continuously. I had never done anything like that and it felt so odd at first, but then it felt really good and I was left with a feeling of positivity. I felt more receptive to the presence of God, as though it had cleared the way and that God could come in and sit with me. 

I wonder if feeling joy and happiness is being in tune with God. How powerful is it? And how beneficial is it for just one of us to feel joy and happiness? How beneficial would it be to this great planet for each and every one of us to feel that way? If we have two or three or four people smiling, how beneficial is that for the consciousness of humanity? 

Or what if we have an entire room full of people blending our souls together in this feeling of joy and happiness, how would that affect the consciousness here on Earth and how would that allow Spirit to walk through us and to manifest Him or Herself here? As we spend time in quietude and meditation we enter into a place that is limitless; we enter into a place where God’s divine plan can be felt, can be seen and tasted. When we quiet our minds and quiet our bodies, we can slip into this place of limitless beauty. 

We can envision a world living in accordance with divine plan and all its’ inhabitants living in tune with our Creator. Imagine the playfulness, the joy and the bliss. As you walk through this beautiful thought world, imagine our own gifts, our own work, that you would offer in such a place. Imagine how divine Spirit would manifest through you, in your own unique way.

As we each do this, we are reaching out to our Creator, and saying that we are empty vessels for the divine plan to take place through us. We are here to help manifest in any way Spirit would like, this beautiful vision, this realm of limitless beauty and divinity and oneness. 

Meditation allows us to transcend our worries and concerns, and bring us to a place where we can reconnect with joy, with happiness, and with the will of our Creator. In this way, we have a limitless opportunity to feel and experience the joy that is our divine birthright—what God wants for each and every one of us. We have the tools to not only uplift our own spirit, but the spirit and consciousness of this entire world. 


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