By Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  Our two physical eyes can see the dual universe God has created, but they cannot see God. Meditation reverses the process, as you bring your gaze inward and to a single point. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says, “When you make the two one, you shall enter the kingdom of heaven.” In meditation, when you focus the two eyes on one point with deep concentration, you are “making the two one.“ With practice, the spiritual eye will open at that point and show you what it’s looking at! Yes, it will reveal to you the Light of God, like a living sun or star spinning in front of you.

Within our bodies, God gave us a clue for how to find our way home. When we look at our eyes in the mirror, we are looking at the outer, dual image of our inner single eye. The light that shines through our two eyes is a reflection of the divine light that shines within the single spiritual eye.

The single eye of God created our two eyes and everything that exists. It is the projector, that featureless face of God that looks like a blazing sun or star to our inner vision. Our physical sun reminds us that God is with us all the time. When we see God with the single eye of soul, we can see him the same way, as a blazing image of Light.

My teacher Yogananda once said to me, “You must penetrate the star in the spiritual eye—then you will have salvation.” How do you penetrate the star?
It has to come after you. The star shines upon you at the crown of your head. That’s as close as you are to the body of God! You’ve got to bring it in. You’ve got to open the door so it can come into you. That’s what Sunburst’s teaching is about.

We talk about the body of Christ, the real presence of I Am That I Am, the living presence of the sphere of light that travels through us. We speak of the garden universes, the parks it has created. The whole creation is full of uncountable suns, planets and life forms. I Am That I Am is in everything as particle energy, but it also travels individually as a sphere like the sun.

Yes, the source of it all is a sphere of light and consciousness, a being that can come to us personally! It can speak to us. It can take us out of our body, and show us the whole creation, all the colors, all the suns and worlds with their natural phenomena. This is a personal experience of a living being; a living presence of God that comes and talks to you. I’m talking about a sphere of light so bright, it’s above the brightness of the sun.

Develop devotion and love for God. Try to attract this Being of Light to come to you, to talk to you, to reveal Itself to you, through your offerings of service, love, and one-pointed concentration upon the Divine.

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