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Our Divine Birthright

By Norman Paulsen

From my earliest childhood, I still retain memories of a divine presence within me and hovering around me. As an infant, I knew that God was indeed alive. I had not lost contact with that Infinite Being upon entering this life.

As I grew up to the ways of the world, I began to pick up the threads of my earliest memories. I realized how trapped I had become in the outer activities of growing up. With this reflection, I sought to follow my greatest childhood desire, to meet God face to face in this lifetime .

I examined the truths set forth by the founders of our world religions and other enlightened beings and discovered the underlying presence of God existing there. I found that those men and women who had seen God described an ineffable, loving light. They were engulfed in the brilliance of the inner cosmic Sun, the light and energy of Christ. In a matter of seconds, they knew more than they had gathered all the years of their lives. In that brilliance, that presence, they experienced a taste of immortality.

I began to realize that the true discovery of God made by those great souls was accomplished through their own spiritual efforts and self-discipline, coupled with a great love and desire for God. My inborn yearning to know God led me to Paramahansa Yogananda, who instilled in me a technique of meditation which helped bring me to a face to face meeting with the light and presence of God I so loved and longed for. I discovered that God is not just a state of consciousness, but a living, loving, personal being of light and energy that identified itself to me as I Am That I Am.

This experience is waiting for every individual that is willing to use a proven tool of meditation with self-discipline, love, and the unceasing desire for God to be revealed to their souls. No matter what religion or faith one is persuaded to follow, all true spiritual practices have but one goal: to realize the light and truth of the indwelling presence of God. Yes, it is indeed possible to meet and bond with a personal, living God, the very presence supporting all true spiritual practices. How can any one of us be satisfied with anything less?

No matter who you are, what you have done, or where you come from, each and every one can experience this. It is your divine birthright to know and talk with God Now is the time for every soul to make this effort. If, in a vision, this Being of Light calls, may you find your way.

It has been my lifelong desire to bear witness that God is alive and can be felt, known, and
 seen face to face. We are here upon this earth to bond with God, our Divine Mother and
Father. God wants to experience the creation and express joyfully through each one of us. What a wonderful privilege it is to have these bodies, these eyes, these hands, these
hearts–to love one another, to care for one another, to become true caretakers of
the earth garden with our Divine Mother and Father, I Am That I Am.

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