•  by Sandy Anderson  •
“Nature, the mother of life forms, in her infinite variety is the supreme teacher. Study her, for she springs forth from the imagination of our Creator. More time should be spent deeply studying, observing and meditating on nature. The mother of all life forms exists in the forests and the valleys, the mountains and streams, in wind and sea. Be alone in nature. Meditate there, with all her life forms, and listen.” Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder

Being the kind of a nature spirit that I am, I have definitely taken Norm’s words to heart. One of the many ways that I’m fascinated by nature, is observing the bees. My husband Steve and I are beekeepers, and we do study our bees. Steve first showed me how to do that, it was fascinating.

One day, I saw him get down on his knees in front of one of the hives. He was gazing into the entrance of the hive. Most people wouldn’t really want to do that because they’d be afraid to get stung. But Steve is studious, loving and trusting of our bees. And they are very tolerant of us, so we don’t get stung when we do that.

By looking in, we can actually see how many bees are in the hive, and how many frames are full of bees. The bees will hang down to the very bottom of the frame, if it’s full. And you can see if there’s a lot of honey in there; the honeycomb will be dripping. Keeping bees is a wonderful adventure and many people say it’s a lifetime study to learn everything about bees.

I feel the same with God-consciousness; it’s the essence of our study in this lifetime. Though there’s many fascinating things in nature, the greatest mystery behind all of nature is Divine Spirit, the Creator. That’s who and what we really are longing for; that’s the mystery that we really want to unfold on a deeper level in our lives.

Norm also says:
 “Divine Spirit wants to be the caretaker of the Earth through the hands, feet, hearts and minds of men and women—to feel the good Earth beneath many feet, breathe the clear fresh air, swim in the pure waters, and run in the forests. It desires to feel and look upon the brilliance of the sun, and find divine love within one another, realizing all the time that it created all this superb beauty!”

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