by Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder  •  Our Divine Creator is present in every image, living in every cell of our bodies, swirling in every atom, existing around every thought. But we are given the power to think and to make our own choices. Our Divine Mother and Father will not fully reveal themselves to us until they are convinced that we really love them, that we really want to see and know them.

The Divine created this whole universe of images and all of us, each one with a different face. It will be heaven on earth when we realize what a miracle this is. From our divine center, we can project for our world those images we want to see—humankind living at one with the gardens, the flowers, the trees and their fruits, with the creatures. We take care of them, and they are helping us.

My divine playmate, God, woke me one night, and with my eyes open or closed the whole room was filled with stars—brilliant, crystal clear sub-atomic particles, like tiny suns, living beings of light. Like swarms of bees, these beings assimilate and collect life force into images that divine consciousness wants to make visible. They were moving through my body and all around me, this swarm of living light.

God said, “This is my body—inside of you, outside of you. When you leave your physical form you fly with me in this light.”

I raised my hands up over my head into the light and it sparkled, twinkled and swirled around and through my fingers. Everywhere I put my hands into the light particles it felt like an extension of my own body. It was divine ecstasy.

I said, “Oh Father, I am really touching you with my hands! This is as close as I can get to hugging you.”

This experience is for everyone, if we will just make the effort in prayer and meditation. Life is so full of interesting things coming and going, you may think, “I don’t have time to seek God. I will do it later when I am not so busy.“ But if you seek God now, you will have a divine companion as you grow older. God will be with you, helping you to become a co-creator on the stage of life within yourself. God will be walking with you, and you will be walking with God every day—oh what a wonderful thing!

My God is very near; tears of joy run from my eyes, and down upon my cheeks.
The very vital airs I breathe are saturated with the Divine Presence.

The timeless, eternal Spirit now exists between each thought attached to this moment of my comprehension.
I become speechless and transfixed, in utter astonishment of the Divine’s presence before me, and existing in every moment.

Note: Norman always said the experience of Divine love and bliss is available to any who seek it. Renew your spirit at Sunburst’s upcoming Silent Retreat November 10 – 13. Call for details: 805 736.6528. Space is limited.

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