Through depression and many other dark low emotions, our Light dims and our immune system declines along with it.
Jacqueline Ripstein     


     by Fredd Dunham  •  Scientists studying the effect of the mind and body on the immune system worked with volunteers. In a controlled setting the volunteers were asked to experience an emotion. In between each of three emotion experiments, there was a period of time in which the volunteers could return to a more or less neutral state.

The volunteers were asked to recall a time and an incident in their lives and to focus on it. The first test was on one of depression. Next was one of emotional trauma, and the final one was the emotion of love. During and after each session blood was drawn and tested to measure the immune response. The results were very insightful for helping us find Spirit in our lives, as well as for dealing with these emotions in a healthy, healing manner.

When depression was visualized, immune activity dropped appreciably—the scientists graded it as a “minus.” The white blood cells were present, but seemed dormant. When emotional trauma was recalled, the immune system became significantly more active (a “plus”)—the inverse of depression. And when love was the focus, the immune system was very active and fully engaged (“triple plus”).

During thoughts of love the twenty trillion cells of our immune system get kicked into hyper drive. They really work at healing our bodies, our minds, and our emotions to help us express the divine pure Self that lives inside of us. This allows us to heal our bodies so we can be healthy, vibrant, strong, vital, and effectively living on this planet. We are enabled to serve, and to project positive healing for our planet and all of humanity.

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