Norman Paulsen, Sunburst Founder    An evolution of consciousness has been going on for millenniums, as human forms have moved from simple consciousness (animal instinct) to self consciousness (ego: the sense of a separate self). Humanity now stands on the threshold of cosmic consciousness, Christ consciousness, divine awakening.

Humanity, in its process of evolution, is now moving beyond the mammalian or mid-brain which demonstrates self-consciousness, and opening to the upper reaches of the higher brain. This great “living computer” is sitting within each one of us now, with the vast majority of its potential unused. In this sacred place, the Divine has set forth a creation in our bodies where we can become fully conscious of it. Spirit can enlighten us, when we have prepared and allowed the way to open. Then the divine pure Self can direct the lower self-conscious and simple-conscious natures, as well as our physical bodies. Our very DNA can be improved. I Am That I Am can walk in each one of us on this Earth. This is the reason for the creation.

Why did Divine Spirit create all we see, including ourselves? It becomes obvious to me that the Creator wanted to enjoy walking upon and experiencing the worlds it had projected and created through its creatures, through us!

It’s hard to conceive of what this world would be like if everyone were able to engage the full potential of this higher brain that we have in our possession right now. We get glimmerings of it in dreams, visions, intuition, and sometimes messages from Spirit. But there’s a way to consciously open the spirit-doorway on the crown of the head, where Spirit can energize us, and assist in our development, imparting divine information: the structure of atoms, the sacred geometry of the cosmos, the wisdom and the infinite knowledge contained therein. With the practice of an effective meditation tool, we can begin to receive and express divine consciousness on this Earth today.

The awakened higher brain is designed to contain the knowledge of the whole cosmos. It is connected to the very beginning of this creation. The first creation of light is at the center of your own higher brain, inner-dimensionally. We are created in the image of the Creator. We are the offspring of I AM THAT I AM. We are the encapsulation of the whole creation; it exists within each one of us inner-dimensionally. There is no place to go “out there.” There is a place to go within yourself, to the Light that created you and is manifesting you today.

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