by Barbara McCaughey & Dawn King    Around the end of October, ancient Celts celebrated summer’s end, and the start of a new year. This time was also a window into the spirit world, a time when departed souls could visit Earth again. Afraid, some people began a practice of dressing up in scary costumes to frighten disembodied souls away. In essence, they wanted to be more scary than what they were scared of.

Trying to meet fear with more fear doesn’t work. We all have tried it. A common practice is to worry and fret, thinking that if we just try hard enough, or think hard enough, we’ll come up with a way to push away whatever fear seems to threaten us.

The only thing that really works for moving through and actually dissolving fear is cultivation of a deep and abiding relationship with the pure Spirit within us. This is what everyone wants, even though people search for it in so many different ways. We all want to feel loved, to have a sense of belonging and purpose, and a sense of peace. These naturally give us courage and help us make right choices.

I read a story about a woman who was driving her car on a back road in New York State. She wasn’t feeling very well, and was uncertain whether she should keep going or turn around. While indecision wracked her mind, she felt worse and worse.

Then in the distance she saw a billboard. She read it: “Please, God.” Then she said to herself, “Yes, yes, please, God, please, please; what shall I do?” But as she drove closer to the sign, she noticed that there was no comma after the word “please”. It actually said “Please God!”

She took a moment to calm dawn and contemplate those words. She was no longer calling on a Being who was far away, outside of herself. She realized she was the empowered doer. She continued her journey, and felt better.

When we begin to feel that joy of being one with Spirit, then we want to experience it all the time. The unconditional love and joy of Spirit can work and play in us, as much as we invite it.

So, “Please God!” What is pleasing to the divine lIfe force with us? We can be pleasing, and find more enjoyment of life by taking time to develop our love and appreciation for all we’ve been given. This we do through contemplation, and meditation, listening for that still small voice within.

We must follow our soul’s conscience; our heart knows the way. When we stick to that way, our life can gracefully unfold in an unending prayer of devotion and thankfulness. And thus we find courage, peace, joy, and the knowledge that we are supremely supported by Source, our ever-well-wisher. With spiritual courage, we discover everything we need to meet the challenges of each day.

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