by Norman Paulsen  •  When we become aware of the cosmic forces existing Within and around us, we begin to receive divine imagination, the creative will of God. By using inspired imagination we can visualize and create mental images. Observing them to be rooted in virtue, we can spin them into the field of power—the life force surrounding us. Like seeds, they will take root, causing events to appear in the future.

Divine intervention in our lives creates inspiration. Inspiration excites imagination; imagination seeds the future; the future becomes visible in time. How do we know what images to put forth? By calling on divine intervention to create inspiration; by opening up our limited imagination to the unlimited creative will of God. We have to reach with our consciousness into the future for God’s direction. We can induce the power of God’s presence to descend into us when we work for the benefit of all beings in our projections.

To begin this practice of positive visualization and projection, we have to be patient and receptive. This practice is like an infant child; if nourished, it will grow. Meditation every morning and evening should be pursued. You must water the seeds with God’s presence. Test daily the field of power that is generated by your efforts. Consider that all the forces of creation are rooted in your body temple to assist you.

When it’s possible, come together with other like-minded souls to practice your meditation. The power of being together in a circle of meditation will quicken the evolution of your spiritual advancement. Even without saying a word, you are mixing your energies. You intuitively learn what you have, and what each one present has to offer to the whole group. To participate in a circle of meditation is to receive advancement in spiritual knowledge, and to participate in the projection of positive images rooted in virtue.

Whether you meditate alone or in a group, always remember to ask for positive inspiration, and upon receiving it, place it in the field of power and make it appear. This is faith that whatsoever you plant will grow. Plant it not for yourself, but for the benefit of all beings.

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